My First Blood Donation

I've always wanted to do the blood donation since high school. Especially after i heard my mom's story when she did that several times. But when my high school held the blood donation, i was not allowed to do so because they said my weight was below the requirement. I was soooo disappointed.
But finally i successfully did the blood donation for the first time in my life ;) Last friday, July 2nd, there's blood donation's tent. Rama was so excited to invite everyone to donate their blood. So finally me, rama, dhilla, akira, and iqbal went together to the location of blood donation. I was very nervous because i was afraid i would be so dizzy after that. After registering and filling some forms, they checked the blood tension, the blood vessel's position, and took the blood sample to make sure the blood type. And when they were going to take my blood, my hand became colder. So they asked me to hold something warm. I was a bit confused because it took a quite long time to take 200mL of my blood. While rama and iqbal, who started after me and 400mL of blood were taken from their bodies, finished faster than me. But anyway until the process done, everything was fine. Not hurt at all ;)
So, people, have you ever tried to do blood donation? You have to try! It's good for health :D 


Ly said...

Dhika sugoyyy..!!
Aku dari dulu takut mau nyumbang darah..v_v..
Pas udah disini dibujuk terus sama suamiku..tapi kebanyakan alesan..hihihihi..

Anonymous said...

di sana ga pakai syarat berat badan, Dhika?

edhika said...

mbak Ully: aku juga awalnya takut banget mbak, takut tiba2 pingsan gitu. hehe. tapi si rama berhasil meyakinkan klo itu tidak akan terjadi. hehe. dan ternyata, sama sekali gapapa koo. ga sakit ga berasa disedot gitu darahnya.
ayoo coba mbak, sehat looh :)

edhika said...

waktu kemarin itu ga dibilang ada syarat berat badan. tapi untuk kategori berat badanku, cuman boleh donor 200mL. tapi untuk berat badan 50 ke atas, memungkinkan untuk donor sampai 400mL.