A Little Secret

hehehe. It's embarrasing but really true ;p I remember when i used to live at the dormitory of Bogor Agricultural University, each time i had some apples, mangoes, etc, i would bring the fruit to my dorm then called some of my friends and told them i would share some fruits. But then i told them to peel some for me first ;p It happened a lot and still happens sometimes here in Japan. But the situation would be different. Because i know i can't peel the fruit, so i rarely buy one. But several times, my senior (mbak Rani) offered me some fruits and she always said, "don't worry i would peel it for you..". Soooo glad to have such a nice senior like her ;)
Anyway, last week i attended French Food and Culture Exchange at my campus. And we were about to cook some french cuisines together. So the menus were Potato Gratin, Tatin Pie (like an apple pie), and Mustard Sauce Chicken. Apparently i got the task to make the Tatin Pie. And guess what was supposed to be done first? Peeling some apples! And yeah it was frustrating like hell >.< And i even had someone taught me how to peel an apple, but still, it was hard for me. Luckily, with my best effort, i could peel about 4 apples eventhough the shape of the apples were weird afterthat. But, in the end the apple would be sliced into smaller slices, so there's no problem :)
And from those three menus, the taste of Mustard Sauce Chicken was the best for me. *hey don't  you dare to think that the tatin pie didn't go well, the rest of the members in my group said it was the best for them* hehehehe.. 


Aulawi Ahmad said...

May I peel it 4 U? hehehe salam kenal :)

edhika said...

of course ;)
salam kenal jugaa :D