I wanna Go Home

Actually i will go home soon. Yeah very soon after the final tests over. I really wanna go home not because i don't like being here in tokyo, but simply because i miss my home, my family, my friends, and of course my dearest boyfriend.
But, i'm not ready for the tests yet which will be held starting from next wednesday *actually i just had one today*. It's really hard to find a will to prepare (study) for the tests. I'll have 3 japanese tests, bio-business network test, bio-bussiness accounting test, and also toeic prep class test. Yeah, those all make me stress. Especially japanese and accounting *why did i register for this class??*. 
By the way, i will be going to some festivals for the next two weeks; Kyodo Matsuri, Fireworks Display, and Setagaya Matsuri. Actually i'm hoping i could arrange my schedule so i can visit my host family before going to indonesia, but seems like it's sooo impossible ;(
So, everybody! Wish me luck ;)

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