The Great Pacific Ocean Garbage Patch

Have you ever heard about the Great Pacific Ocean Garbage Patch? The Great Pacific Ocean Garbage, which is also known as the Pacific Gyre, is a kind of ocean disaster where there are lots of  floating garbage around the North Pacific Ocean. These piles of garbage mostly consist of plastic which we know that it's almost impossible to biodegrade. The problem is not only that there are tons of garbage there, but the existence of the garbage which slowly killing the ecosystem around the North Pacific Ocean. Anyway, am not going to explain about it to you because am not really good about it. So i recommend you to visit this LINK. You will find a good explanation there.
One thing that i want to say, we have to be concern about the earth where we are living, so we have to be able to keep our earth healthy which means that we shouldn't let our earth being polluted by the garbage. Be wise to your environment, start from these very simple ways; throw the trash into the trash bin and try to use less plastic

 picture courtesy belongs to SURFTHERENOW.com

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