The End of World Cup Euphoria (for me ;p)

Actually i'm not really a kind of girl who like to stay along 90 minutes to watch a football match. I almost never watch those leagues held in some countries, or champion league. But, special interest always comes during the fifa world cup. I began to like watching world cup's matches since the world cup 2002. And also, since that time, i've always been a supporter for germany. 
The euphoria of this world cup 2010 didn't come from the beginning of this world cup. Maybe because i don't have a TV (ohh poor me!), i have actually if the TV that is attached to my cellphone is counted as one. So during this world cup 2010, i only watched 2 full-matches and 1 other match only on the last half of the match. Those matches were when germany played. First, when germany defeated england for 4-1. Second, when germany won over argentine for 4-0. And last, when germany finally lost againts spain for 0-1 and ended their journey on world cup 2010. I admit that german's play in the last match wasn't as good as the 2 matches before. Just like what my friend said, that spain dominated the game. Anyway, otsukaree germany!
What's next? The final between holland and spain. But i actually have no interest to watch that match. Yeah, at least for me, this euphoria of world cup 2010 is over here. Sayonara world cup!

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