Don't Worry :D

It's really true! You better believe it. Like yesterday when i was having a problem with my bike, i got a help from my friend even i didn't ask him. 
So here is the story. I was just having lunch at an Indian curry restaurant with dila, then we went to a supermarket. We parked our bikes in front of the supermarket. When were about to go back home, i realized that there's something wrong with my bike. Then me and dila tried to find out what the problem was. Until finally we thought that maybe it's because the oil on the chain. And we swept  it with tissue. But it didn't help. So we decided to go home even though my bike made very noisy sound. When we arrived at out dorm, we pour the bike with water, with hope that the oil would be clean. hehehe. Stupidooo! Suddenly there  he was, the superhero, came out from the window above us. I asked him to lend me a screw driver but then he said he would go down and see what the problem was. Then yeah, he repaired it. 
Thanks again Pavlo :D :D :D Thanks to you too, dilaa :D :D 

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