Wish You a Great Wedding ;)

That picture above is the wedding invitation of my bf's sister who is getting married today. I really wish i could go and congratulate them directly. And i also want to be there because my bf said that all the decoration and stuff would be colored purple and pink, which i love a lot. But it's just the way too far from here. Well, at least my mom just called and told me that she would go to the wedding party with my dad and my brother-sister. I was kinda surprised at the first time when i heard that my dad would go along because these recent years my dad rarely went to such wedding parties.
Anyway, wish you a great wedding teh sarah and could live happily ever after with your husband ;)


Random Thought

Hello, people! I'll have japanese exam in an hour but i can't resist from writing what i thought just now. 
So, i don't know why but suddenly i started to think about relationship between two people (yes a boy and a girl). I wonder what makes a couple could stay together for a very very long time. They don't even married yet. But why? I know it's such a stupid question, but just wondering. Okay, lets say, me and my bf have been together for almost 4 years. What makes us stick to each other that long? Is it pure because of what-they-call-LOVE? Yeah, no doubt that i love my bf. That's something that doesn't need to be questioned. But is it possible that a couple stay together, not because they love each other but more because they need each other? What i mean by 'need' here is, for example, because you've been together quite long, you've been through a lot of things together, you've done many things together, then those what have happened make you have this 'what will my life be without him/her?' thought/feeling.
And if that's really happening, is it right to keep a relationship like that? Well, for this question, i have a weird feeling actually. Somehow i wanna know the answer, but i feel like i don't wanna know too. 
Hmm..this thing called love and things related to it sometimes are sooo confusing. 
Anyway, wish me luck for the exam ;)


Chaos Theory

from the movie The Butterfly Effect



a picture taken at Disney Sea Japan, July 19th 2010


Papa Is The Best ♥

No matter how many fights we had, no matter how many times i grumbled each time you didn't give me what i wanted, no matter how many times you scolded me when i did wrongs, you're still the best, papa ;) you made me what i am today. thank you ♥


Melody by Kate Earl

No mat­ter what has ever come to me
I got my own brand of company
I got da da da inside my head
And I play songs back to back until I got to bed
Wake up by myself inside an empty room
Theres no body next to mine to oooh
But my skin is warm and my heart is full
Its the do do do do do do
Walk­ing wak­ing on a crowded street
With my head­phones loud
So my hips can swing, so my head can nod
To the rock and roll to the boom boom beat
and I find that I’m never alone
and I find that my heart is my home
and the music within makes me whole
A world that I built on my own
and I know that I’m never alone
and I know that my heart is my home
Every miss­ing piece of me
I can find in a melody
No mat­ter what has ever come to me
I got my own kind of company
I got ba ba ba inside my head
And I sing songs back to back until I go to bed
Theres a river in my mind thats never still
Swirling , sooth­ing all the time gives me a thrill
Swim­ming in the notes that go
Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh
Wan­der­ing, wak­ing in an empty wood
It is quiet here, I am powerful
I look down below ser­e­nade the world
From inside my soul
and I find that I’m never alone
and I find that my heart is my home
and the music within makes me whole
A world that I built on my own
and I know that I’m never alone
and I know that my heart is my home
Every miss­ing piece of me
I can find in a melody
When the walls begin to creep in
And the sky is falling down
When I’m swal­lowed up in feelings
I get lost inside the sound…

*I've been listening to this song again and again since yesterday. Soooo in love with melody ;)


I wanna Go Home

Actually i will go home soon. Yeah very soon after the final tests over. I really wanna go home not because i don't like being here in tokyo, but simply because i miss my home, my family, my friends, and of course my dearest boyfriend.
But, i'm not ready for the tests yet which will be held starting from next wednesday *actually i just had one today*. It's really hard to find a will to prepare (study) for the tests. I'll have 3 japanese tests, bio-business network test, bio-bussiness accounting test, and also toeic prep class test. Yeah, those all make me stress. Especially japanese and accounting *why did i register for this class??*. 
By the way, i will be going to some festivals for the next two weeks; Kyodo Matsuri, Fireworks Display, and Setagaya Matsuri. Actually i'm hoping i could arrange my schedule so i can visit my host family before going to indonesia, but seems like it's sooo impossible ;(
So, everybody! Wish me luck ;)


Joyful Weekend ;)

How was your weekend people? Mine was great ;) Spending three days of holiday, started on saturday and ended yesterday (yeah yesterday was monday!!) with fun stuffs.
On saturday, me together with dhilla had a shopping day. We went to some stores in Roppongi hills and Shibuya to feel the euphoria of summer SALE ;p if only we had unlimited budget, i couldn't imagine how much money we could spend that day. hehehehe. Yeah, but since we're good girls, we could keep everything safe ;p
On sunday, i went to a festival where we could see fireflies and some traditional japanese cultural perfomances. And the best part was...the FIREFLIES! That was the first time i saw fireflies. And it was totally beautiful ;)
sorry for not being able to share the beauty of the fireflies. i finally could take this picture of those fireflies when i was almost giving up, it seems like a group of dots though ;p

On monday, me and the other 5 people (dhilla, rama, aki-chan, mba rany, and mas asad) went to Disney Sea. It's located exactly next to Tokyo Disney Land. I was soooo happy and excited there eventhough it was very hot. We rode some attractions (i don't know if this word is right or not, but according to the guide booklet, they called it attraction) like StormRider, RagingSpirits rollercoaster, IndianaJones Adventure, TowerofTerror, etc. The Bon Fire Dance performance was really great, i loved the coreography so much. They made me wanna dance, too ;p And the best part of this special summer entertainment was the water program Chip 'n Dale's Cool Service "Deluxe" -- "SPLASH!". We were splashed by the cool water. Eventhough we got really wet, but since it was very hot, we enjoyed the water splash so much :D

So, what do you think? Great isn't it? But one think that was making me soo disappointed, i really wanted to buy a teddy bear doll but it was too expensive *1万円だよ!マジで?!* T_T noo way. I won't waste that much for a doll ;( 


A Little Secret

hehehe. It's embarrasing but really true ;p I remember when i used to live at the dormitory of Bogor Agricultural University, each time i had some apples, mangoes, etc, i would bring the fruit to my dorm then called some of my friends and told them i would share some fruits. But then i told them to peel some for me first ;p It happened a lot and still happens sometimes here in Japan. But the situation would be different. Because i know i can't peel the fruit, so i rarely buy one. But several times, my senior (mbak Rani) offered me some fruits and she always said, "don't worry i would peel it for you..". Soooo glad to have such a nice senior like her ;)
Anyway, last week i attended French Food and Culture Exchange at my campus. And we were about to cook some french cuisines together. So the menus were Potato Gratin, Tatin Pie (like an apple pie), and Mustard Sauce Chicken. Apparently i got the task to make the Tatin Pie. And guess what was supposed to be done first? Peeling some apples! And yeah it was frustrating like hell >.< And i even had someone taught me how to peel an apple, but still, it was hard for me. Luckily, with my best effort, i could peel about 4 apples eventhough the shape of the apples were weird afterthat. But, in the end the apple would be sliced into smaller slices, so there's no problem :)
And from those three menus, the taste of Mustard Sauce Chicken was the best for me. *hey don't  you dare to think that the tatin pie didn't go well, the rest of the members in my group said it was the best for them* hehehehe.. 


Random Post

It's sooooooooooo hot today. And i spent few hours outside so i think i got sunburned, but i don't really care about that though. Worse than that, the high temperature and the sun caused me having headache. And this headache hasn't gone until now. Eeerrgh. 
Anyway actually i really wanna talk about some facts that i found after living for about a year in Japan. Yeah, some other facts about Japanese people. But since i think it's not a good time (again because the headache. sorry *_* ) maybe i'll just talk next time.
So, it's friday anyway, have a good weekend! ;)


Quote of The Day

photo by Agyl Fajar Rizky


Quote of The Day

quoted from daretodreamlove.tumblr.com
*dedicated specially to dilaa ;)



I Need You..

cats and background images' were copied from here and here


The Great Pacific Ocean Garbage Patch

Have you ever heard about the Great Pacific Ocean Garbage Patch? The Great Pacific Ocean Garbage, which is also known as the Pacific Gyre, is a kind of ocean disaster where there are lots of  floating garbage around the North Pacific Ocean. These piles of garbage mostly consist of plastic which we know that it's almost impossible to biodegrade. The problem is not only that there are tons of garbage there, but the existence of the garbage which slowly killing the ecosystem around the North Pacific Ocean. Anyway, am not going to explain about it to you because am not really good about it. So i recommend you to visit this LINK. You will find a good explanation there.
One thing that i want to say, we have to be concern about the earth where we are living, so we have to be able to keep our earth healthy which means that we shouldn't let our earth being polluted by the garbage. Be wise to your environment, start from these very simple ways; throw the trash into the trash bin and try to use less plastic

 picture courtesy belongs to SURFTHERENOW.com

The End of World Cup Euphoria (for me ;p)

Actually i'm not really a kind of girl who like to stay along 90 minutes to watch a football match. I almost never watch those leagues held in some countries, or champion league. But, special interest always comes during the fifa world cup. I began to like watching world cup's matches since the world cup 2002. And also, since that time, i've always been a supporter for germany. 
The euphoria of this world cup 2010 didn't come from the beginning of this world cup. Maybe because i don't have a TV (ohh poor me!), i have actually if the TV that is attached to my cellphone is counted as one. So during this world cup 2010, i only watched 2 full-matches and 1 other match only on the last half of the match. Those matches were when germany played. First, when germany defeated england for 4-1. Second, when germany won over argentine for 4-0. And last, when germany finally lost againts spain for 0-1 and ended their journey on world cup 2010. I admit that german's play in the last match wasn't as good as the 2 matches before. Just like what my friend said, that spain dominated the game. Anyway, otsukaree germany!
What's next? The final between holland and spain. But i actually have no interest to watch that match. Yeah, at least for me, this euphoria of world cup 2010 is over here. Sayonara world cup!


Quote of The Day

learned this quote today at my english class. Jesse, my english teacher, suddenly remembered these words said by his english professor in the past time.


A Big Question Mark

Is it my thought or my feeling?
I can't figure it out!


My First Blood Donation

I've always wanted to do the blood donation since high school. Especially after i heard my mom's story when she did that several times. But when my high school held the blood donation, i was not allowed to do so because they said my weight was below the requirement. I was soooo disappointed.
But finally i successfully did the blood donation for the first time in my life ;) Last friday, July 2nd, there's blood donation's tent. Rama was so excited to invite everyone to donate their blood. So finally me, rama, dhilla, akira, and iqbal went together to the location of blood donation. I was very nervous because i was afraid i would be so dizzy after that. After registering and filling some forms, they checked the blood tension, the blood vessel's position, and took the blood sample to make sure the blood type. And when they were going to take my blood, my hand became colder. So they asked me to hold something warm. I was a bit confused because it took a quite long time to take 200mL of my blood. While rama and iqbal, who started after me and 400mL of blood were taken from their bodies, finished faster than me. But anyway until the process done, everything was fine. Not hurt at all ;)
So, people, have you ever tried to do blood donation? You have to try! It's good for health :D 


Don't Worry :D

It's really true! You better believe it. Like yesterday when i was having a problem with my bike, i got a help from my friend even i didn't ask him. 
So here is the story. I was just having lunch at an Indian curry restaurant with dila, then we went to a supermarket. We parked our bikes in front of the supermarket. When were about to go back home, i realized that there's something wrong with my bike. Then me and dila tried to find out what the problem was. Until finally we thought that maybe it's because the oil on the chain. And we swept  it with tissue. But it didn't help. So we decided to go home even though my bike made very noisy sound. When we arrived at out dorm, we pour the bike with water, with hope that the oil would be clean. hehehe. Stupidooo! Suddenly there  he was, the superhero, came out from the window above us. I asked him to lend me a screw driver but then he said he would go down and see what the problem was. Then yeah, he repaired it. 
Thanks again Pavlo :D :D :D Thanks to you too, dilaa :D :D