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Some people are just so worried about their reputations. But i personally think that reputation is not the most important thing. I think we better watch our characters first before we get bothered by the reputations. Because when we have good characters in hands, i think that good reputations will follow.
Anyway, there's a person who i think doesn't have a character. I remember few months ago she (yes that person is a SHE) said that when she got a boyfriend, she wouldn't do things like holding hands, laying on each others' shoulders. But now, it's became 180o  too far from what she said. Believe it or not, i'm sick of seeing them holding hands most of the times. Or worse than that, when they're acting spoiled and playing nose, that makes me want to vomit. Well, actually whatever they want to do, i don't care. But i think she has (and her bf, too) a problem when it comes to decide where and when to do those things. Get a room! I just feel annoyed when i see what happens and in the same time having a flash back of those words she said in the past. 
There's also another thing that always makes me upset. I don't know why she can't keep her problem with his bf by herself?? Why she always screws things up by bringing those problems into the people around her? She can't even keep a good attitude when she's angry. Hate her. Yeah, she's just too annoying.
Oh, wait. I think she got a character. Those things about her, are her characters.
One thing that i learn, we would never know the REAL character of a person until we live close to each other or even live in the same place.

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Anonymous said...

sabar ya... kalo berlebihan, tegur aja. soal komitmen, yah, namanya juga manusia, apalagi cewek, berubah pikiran bisa secepet ganti baju.