Planting Rice

I have been so busy with college stuff(s) the past few days. And i just finished  making my presentation material about organic vegetable production which will be presented around 40 minutes later. Yeah i am a bit nervous actually. I hope i am ready to present it later in the class.
Anyway this assignment makes me remember that i still have some photos that i haven't uploaded here. They are the photos of me when i planted rice for the first time in my life :D It was a great experience for me. So, just enjoy the photos :)
Look, how messy i was. But i enjoyed it so much. Even though it was very hard to walk in the field. After we finished planting the rice, we enjoyed snacks and tea together. Then there was also a woman who taught us japanese origami.
Yeayy, できた!

Special thanks to Pavlo and Vova for inviting me to go with you guys :) Looking forward to having other chances like this next time.

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readhermind-dy said...

ih aku belum pernah nyobain..
seru ya kayanya!