A Game Called "Jengkek"

Hi :)
It's monday again. It's time to start the hard work again. Don't be sad because it's monday ;p
Yesterday i went to Komaba MP Hall to attend an anual event held by Asean Youth Network in Japan (AYNJ) which is called as ASEAN Festival. Some Asean countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, Cambodia, etc participated in the events. Each country held a food stand and that's what i loved the most. Why? Because it's the time when Indonesian foods were available. Yesterday, Indonesian food stands sold chicken satay, nasi kuning, and es sarang burung. I bought chicken satay and es sarang burung. To be honest, the satay wasn't as delicious as if we buy in indonesia though. hehehe. I thought it was too salty. Anyway i liked it. Besides food, there were also performances from every country. As for indonesia, Tari Piring was performed by some students. Unfortunately i wasn't there yet, so i didn't see the performance.
There were also games held by the malaysian committee. I tried both games, which i forgot the names in malaysian, but those two games were similar to the games that we have in indonesia. One of the game was Jengkek (it's in bahasa indonesia actually, but maybe some of you aren't familiar with this name. i even googled first to make sure the correct name of it ;p).
It was fun! I even joined the battle. LOL. I didn't win though (actually i was the 3rd winner but it wasn't because i was good, but because the rest of the participants gone before the battle ended. hehehe). And i'm so sorry but i think i'm too lazy too explain the rules of the game ;)
So, have a nice week all :D

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Ramadhona Saville said...

owww,game yang gw menang dengan mudahnya
*haha,jago gw