Do You Know? (1)

Hi people! Now, i'm gonna share a little fact about japan :) I'm not really sure is it a kind of culture shock or not. Anyway, this fact was making me felt shock, surprised, etc. So are you curious?? hehehehehehe..

Okay, so here is the story. It was a couple of months ago when i went to the movie in japan for the second time. I went there with some of friends. We were planning to watch Avatar. Luckily we've booked the seats from the web the day before because it was soooo crowded. Then we sat inside the movie theater, three of my friends were sitting on the left side of me. While on the right side, there was a woman sitting there. As i know, it's very normal; (1) to laugh when there's a funny scene, (2) to scream when there's a scary scene, (3) to give some other expressions due to some other scenes. Of course it's acceptable as long as we do those expressions in acceptable ways (i mean not too loud, etc).
So, me and my friends were whispering several times (i'm swear we were just whispering with very low voices) each time we watched a cool scene. Then suddenly i heard the woman next to me started to say "うるさいよ!" (read: urusai yo!), which means 'you're noisy', and kept saying that till the movie ended. But i kept pretending that i didn't understand what she was saying. hahahaha. I knew she must be so upset but i didn't care.
Well, maybe the way i acted (by pretending like a foreigner who didn't understand japanese)  is not good either, but hey, it's a movie ma'am! We were not the only people who laughed or whispered, most foreigners did, too! What's wrong with japanese? *sorry no offense. peace (^_^)v


bebekmenggol said...

iya.. budaya jepanese menonton film emang beda ya. Kalo kita kan ketawa bareng, kalo mereka benar-benar pengen tenang. aneh yah?

belom lagi kalo ada adegan lucu, ga adaaa satu pun yang ketawa, aneh emang :p

edhika said...

aneh banget mbak bener.
jadi suka bingung deh kadang2 klo lagi pgn nonton film bagus, di satu sisi pgn nonton di bioskop biar dapet bgt feelnya, tp di sisi lain jadi malah ga bisa tenang nontonnya gara2 harus nahan2 ketawa/teriak/dsb. ;(