Be a Friend Of Mine, Coffee...

*that's my favorite cup! Bought it only for ¥100!

Before i moved to Japan, i rarely consumed a cup of coffee. I just didn't like it. I liked tea much more than coffee. I remember about 2 days after my arrival in Tokyo, i went to celebrate one of my senpai's birthday at Starbucks. Well, luckily they also sold something else other than coffee. hehe.
But lately, i start to consume coffee a lot, especially before i go to some classes.  Every monday before i go to Bio Business Network class, i always stop by at the cafeteria to buy a cup of coffee. Why? Because the class is held at 1 o'clock and that is the time when i always feel sleepy. While it will be a regret if i couldn't pay attention during the class because i like that class. I still don't really like coffee though.
Anyway, yesterday me together with other indonesian in nodai, held an exchange culture program with japanese people in my campus. unlike last year which i performed a traditional dance in the same program, yesterday i sang some songs from indonesia with rama, mamet, and aki. The songs, which  were selected by the boys, were Doraemon theme song, Kopi Dangdut, Sinyo Hitam, Si Patokaan, Anak Kambing Saya, Lupa Lupa Ingat, and Secret Admirer. We also sang Cik Cik Periuk in the beginning of the performance with the help from dila and kiki. The whole program was great. After the program finished, we went to play bowling and to have dinner together. Fun! Fun! Fun! :)

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