Again, Why It's So Hard To Sync My Brain, Heart, and Body?

Yeah, that's how i feel right now (it refers to the title of the post). I know it's a kind of hard to sync all of them. But, i really think that my incapability to make them all sync now is so dangerous. Errrgh. I feel hard to focus on something, which i think it's because there are too many distractions around me either they're real or just imaginations.
Anyway, i just done following some steps to make a vector portrait from this tutorial. I was using the same picture like they used in the tutorial, but then when i already got the main understanding, i tried to make a vector portrait of my own picture. So, here it is.

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readhermind-dy said...

knp susah fokus?
lg bnyk yg dipikirin kali...