Random Thought

Errrrgh, somehow that japanese class which is held every wednesday morning from 9.00 am to 10.30 am makes me hate japanese. I hate it i hate it i hate it. While the other japanese classes which are held every wednesday from 10.40 am to 12.10 pm and every friday from 9.00 am to 12.10 seems to be fine for me. 
And now i'm doing a report for tomorrow presentation but stuck in the middle. Help me!!


Random Conversation

random conversation i had in mind,
right after i bought a bottle of mineral water at the vending machine in my dorm.
crazy, huh? LOL


Quote of The Day

Some people are just so worried about their reputations. But i personally think that reputation is not the most important thing. I think we better watch our characters first before we get bothered by the reputations. Because when we have good characters in hands, i think that good reputations will follow.
Anyway, there's a person who i think doesn't have a character. I remember few months ago she (yes that person is a SHE) said that when she got a boyfriend, she wouldn't do things like holding hands, laying on each others' shoulders. But now, it's became 180o  too far from what she said. Believe it or not, i'm sick of seeing them holding hands most of the times. Or worse than that, when they're acting spoiled and playing nose, that makes me want to vomit. Well, actually whatever they want to do, i don't care. But i think she has (and her bf, too) a problem when it comes to decide where and when to do those things. Get a room! I just feel annoyed when i see what happens and in the same time having a flash back of those words she said in the past. 
There's also another thing that always makes me upset. I don't know why she can't keep her problem with his bf by herself?? Why she always screws things up by bringing those problems into the people around her? She can't even keep a good attitude when she's angry. Hate her. Yeah, she's just too annoying.
Oh, wait. I think she got a character. Those things about her, are her characters.
One thing that i learn, we would never know the REAL character of a person until we live close to each other or even live in the same place.

Quote of The Day


Hi Twinkle! ;p

Why twinkle? So here is a little explanation about that. I just had a kind of english conversation class about a half hour ago. And what we were doing during the class was talking about some 'interesting' topics outside the topics that we should have done from the book. In the beginning we were talking about the newest version of iPhone, iPhone 4 (there were only 5 people in the class including the teacher, and i was the only person who's not an iPhone user) because start from today this new version of iPhone is available in the store. Then suddenly he, the teacher, started to talk about a geek who calls his wife "twinkle". hehehe. What we were thinking was, it's fine with the way he calls his wife, but hey we didn't think that he should post about it again and again on facebook or twitter. hahaha.
Anyway, i want to share a video that i found on youtube just few minutes ago. Here it is.

What i want to underline from this video is not about what i think about her singing. No, not that one. No one would deny if i say she's great. Yes, she is. She sang pretty well. I wish i could sing as good as her. hehehe. Well okay, back to thing that i want to underline, i was a kind of surprised then laughing when i heard the response of the audiences. Specially in minute 3:56 when someone was screaming. Is that how you appreciate a singer that you like? I don't know but i just think it's just funny. ;p


Travel Around The World

One of my biggest dreams : Travel around the world :)
Wish someday it can be fulfilled. Amiinn.


Do You Know? (1)

Hi people! Now, i'm gonna share a little fact about japan :) I'm not really sure is it a kind of culture shock or not. Anyway, this fact was making me felt shock, surprised, etc. So are you curious?? hehehehehehe..

Okay, so here is the story. It was a couple of months ago when i went to the movie in japan for the second time. I went there with some of friends. We were planning to watch Avatar. Luckily we've booked the seats from the web the day before because it was soooo crowded. Then we sat inside the movie theater, three of my friends were sitting on the left side of me. While on the right side, there was a woman sitting there. As i know, it's very normal; (1) to laugh when there's a funny scene, (2) to scream when there's a scary scene, (3) to give some other expressions due to some other scenes. Of course it's acceptable as long as we do those expressions in acceptable ways (i mean not too loud, etc).
So, me and my friends were whispering several times (i'm swear we were just whispering with very low voices) each time we watched a cool scene. Then suddenly i heard the woman next to me started to say "うるさいよ!" (read: urusai yo!), which means 'you're noisy', and kept saying that till the movie ended. But i kept pretending that i didn't understand what she was saying. hahahaha. I knew she must be so upset but i didn't care.
Well, maybe the way i acted (by pretending like a foreigner who didn't understand japanese)  is not good either, but hey, it's a movie ma'am! We were not the only people who laughed or whispered, most foreigners did, too! What's wrong with japanese? *sorry no offense. peace (^_^)v

A Game Called "Jengkek"

Hi :)
It's monday again. It's time to start the hard work again. Don't be sad because it's monday ;p
Yesterday i went to Komaba MP Hall to attend an anual event held by Asean Youth Network in Japan (AYNJ) which is called as ASEAN Festival. Some Asean countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, Cambodia, etc participated in the events. Each country held a food stand and that's what i loved the most. Why? Because it's the time when Indonesian foods were available. Yesterday, Indonesian food stands sold chicken satay, nasi kuning, and es sarang burung. I bought chicken satay and es sarang burung. To be honest, the satay wasn't as delicious as if we buy in indonesia though. hehehe. I thought it was too salty. Anyway i liked it. Besides food, there were also performances from every country. As for indonesia, Tari Piring was performed by some students. Unfortunately i wasn't there yet, so i didn't see the performance.
There were also games held by the malaysian committee. I tried both games, which i forgot the names in malaysian, but those two games were similar to the games that we have in indonesia. One of the game was Jengkek (it's in bahasa indonesia actually, but maybe some of you aren't familiar with this name. i even googled first to make sure the correct name of it ;p).
It was fun! I even joined the battle. LOL. I didn't win though (actually i was the 3rd winner but it wasn't because i was good, but because the rest of the participants gone before the battle ended. hehehe). And i'm so sorry but i think i'm too lazy too explain the rules of the game ;)
So, have a nice week all :D


Quote of The Day

image from here

The Upcoming Indonesia Festival

Hello, friend! For you who live in Japan, especially Tokyo and its surrounding, Indonesia Festival  2010 is going to be held on July 10th and 11th, 2010 by Indonesian Embassy in Japan and Indonesia Festival 2010 Committee. Be sure to come! ^_^

For more information please visit the official website for Indonesia Festival 2010 here.

Be a Friend Of Mine, Coffee...

*that's my favorite cup! Bought it only for ¥100!

Before i moved to Japan, i rarely consumed a cup of coffee. I just didn't like it. I liked tea much more than coffee. I remember about 2 days after my arrival in Tokyo, i went to celebrate one of my senpai's birthday at Starbucks. Well, luckily they also sold something else other than coffee. hehe.
But lately, i start to consume coffee a lot, especially before i go to some classes.  Every monday before i go to Bio Business Network class, i always stop by at the cafeteria to buy a cup of coffee. Why? Because the class is held at 1 o'clock and that is the time when i always feel sleepy. While it will be a regret if i couldn't pay attention during the class because i like that class. I still don't really like coffee though.
Anyway, yesterday me together with other indonesian in nodai, held an exchange culture program with japanese people in my campus. unlike last year which i performed a traditional dance in the same program, yesterday i sang some songs from indonesia with rama, mamet, and aki. The songs, which  were selected by the boys, were Doraemon theme song, Kopi Dangdut, Sinyo Hitam, Si Patokaan, Anak Kambing Saya, Lupa Lupa Ingat, and Secret Admirer. We also sang Cik Cik Periuk in the beginning of the performance with the help from dila and kiki. The whole program was great. After the program finished, we went to play bowling and to have dinner together. Fun! Fun! Fun! :)


I Love You Anyway

Mocca - I Love You Anyway



Planting Rice

I have been so busy with college stuff(s) the past few days. And i just finished  making my presentation material about organic vegetable production which will be presented around 40 minutes later. Yeah i am a bit nervous actually. I hope i am ready to present it later in the class.
Anyway this assignment makes me remember that i still have some photos that i haven't uploaded here. They are the photos of me when i planted rice for the first time in my life :D It was a great experience for me. So, just enjoy the photos :)
Look, how messy i was. But i enjoyed it so much. Even though it was very hard to walk in the field. After we finished planting the rice, we enjoyed snacks and tea together. Then there was also a woman who taught us japanese origami.
Yeayy, できた!

Special thanks to Pavlo and Vova for inviting me to go with you guys :) Looking forward to having other chances like this next time.



Hi everyone! I'm telling you about this not because i want to show off or be arrogant. NO. I just want to share my happiness, my gratitude for what i just got today. Well actually i've known about the news that i was chosen as one of the 特待生 (read: tokutaisei) about a week ago. That day, when i just arrived at my dorm then checked my mailbox, i found a mail there. Then i read the sender. It was coming from 東京農業大学 学生生活支援課 (it's a kind of student service center). What i had in mind at that time was "oh my God! might it be a warning letter because i went back to the dorm late several times??". I was extremely nervous because it was hard for me to read the letter because it's written in Kanji. Some points that i recognized were a date and a place where and when i have to attend and also that i have to wear suit or blazer. That's it. For what? I didn't have any idea.
I went to my room and met my senpai. I asked her, but she said i need to find the meaning of some kanji that she weren't so sure what were they. So i tried to look for the meaning of those kanji. And my dictionary said that tokutaisei means an honor student. Speechless. But i could feel the smile on my face.
And today, me and the other students who also got the award, had to attend the ceremony. I'm happy for sure. I can't deny it. But it's not the time to be satisfied. I should be more motivated to keep studying harder. Because the real achievement is when i reach the success in the future. Right?



 What is EDHILLA? Well, actually it's coming from Edhika and Dhilla. hehehe.


Again, Why It's So Hard To Sync My Brain, Heart, and Body?

Yeah, that's how i feel right now (it refers to the title of the post). I know it's a kind of hard to sync all of them. But, i really think that my incapability to make them all sync now is so dangerous. Errrgh. I feel hard to focus on something, which i think it's because there are too many distractions around me either they're real or just imaginations.
Anyway, i just done following some steps to make a vector portrait from this tutorial. I was using the same picture like they used in the tutorial, but then when i already got the main understanding, i tried to make a vector portrait of my own picture. So, here it is.