Nodai Setagaya Campus, Room 116 Building 13, 13.15~

Here i am now,
sitting right in the middle of the class (i'm not joking nor being hyperbolic) where there's a lecture is held. Not in the mood of studying? Y-E-S. Yes, i'm definitely not in the mood to study. Honestly i don't really like this class, i don't even know why i registered for it. Moreover, i hardly understand what the lecturer is saying right about 3 meters in front of me. Come on, it's in Japanese! How can i?! There's only a boy who sits before me, which i can say he's the only person between me and the lecturer. Instead of paying attention to him, i prefer writing this "note" and taking a look at the people around me once in a while. While looking at them, i can feel my mouth is being curved upwards [read: smile :)]. Some people are sleeping, some girls are looking at their reflections on their mirrors, correcting their make up(s), some people are writing *like me!*, and not more than a half of the students in this class are paying attention to the lecturer either seriously or not.
Do you know about something?? This class and its atmosphere is really far beyond my imagination at the time when i hadn't started my study here. I always thought that Japanese are always serious. But then, i found the fact that it's not true! Well, i'm not saying that Japanese are not serious. No, that's not what i mean. But that saying of "Japanese are serious" seems to be only a stereotype for me now. 
Well, i wish i could take some photos of the class (and of what people are doing right now). Unfortunately i couldn't since my cellphone would make a quite loud sound when i click the capture button *one thing i hate the most about cellphone in japan*.
Errr..why does the time fly so slow?? Still have to pretend to be a good student for 30 minutes more ToT.


readhermind-dy said...

aku selalu suka cerita kmu tentang di jepang sana..

Anonymous said...

read a book :D