From Asakusa

Weird title, huh? Okay, i just couldn't find any other words which represent this post. Because all i know i want to share some photos which were taken at Asakusa. After a year, i've been to Asakusa twice. The first time was on the last March, and the second one was on the last April. Actually after the first visit, i've posted some photos which showed you an event there, Golden Dragon Dance. Now i'll post more photos from my first visits to Asakusa. Anyway they aren't special. They're just ordinary. But i like the objects which are so bright and one of them reminds me of my old hobby.
cute and colorful japanese-doll keyholders
yes, i was regularly practicing softball during high school time (well, actually i stopped practicing on my 2nd year because my dad didn't allow me to). i really would like to practice (or play maybe?) again soon with my high school team-mates. 

Then, the next photos are the photos that i took on my second visit to Asakusa. Why monkey? Because at that time, there was a monkey show around the Sensoji Temple. There's something funny which makes me always remember at that moment. Just like the other people, i was so enthusiastic about the show. I was sitting in the front line. Once, when i was trying to zoom and focus the lense at the monkey, suddenly i saw the monkey jumped to my direction. Of course i was shocked since i have a traumatic accident related to monkey. Then i screamed quite loud. And yes all the people were starring at me and even the woman who held the show was a kind of shock too. hahahaha. バカ!!Then i realized that the monkey wasn't so close like what i thought. It seemed so close because i saw the monkey through the zoomed lense. 恥ずかしかった。*_*

well, the monkey was so great! the monkey jumped for more than 1.5 m *according to my estimation.

Anyway, of course i won't end the post right now because i haven't shared the photos which shows the famous symbol of Asakusa. So, here it is :)


uLLy said...

hahahaha..*ngebayangin ada disana pas dhika teriak ngeliat monyet*..hehehee..=P

ramadhona said...

sama sama mba ully,hahahaha

eh bagus di foto gantungan2nya

edhika said...

mbak ully&rama: pokoknya heboh deh, secara ampe loncat berdiri ke belakang *menghindar ceritanya*

hehe.iyah lucu gantungannya. pengen beli tp sayang duit jd difoto aja. hehe