The Dancing Clouds

I so love the weather today until suddenly the rain fell. I felt so great especially when i just went out from the class then saw the blue sky and the white clouds this afternoon. I 'm always happy to see this kind of view :D
Then suddenly i remembered a song and started to sing it. It's a song from my childhood sang by Sherina. She was one of the most popular little-girl-singers in my country. Well, actually the title of the song is "Balon Udara" which means Air Balloon. But in the beginning of the song, it says about the blue sky and the white clouds. 
Anyway, after i arrived at my room, i took my camera right away and took some photos of these favorite views of mine :D

Langit biru
Awan putih
Terbentang indah
lukisan yang Kuasa

Di udara
Terbang dengan balon udaraku

Oh sungguh senangnya nikmati bumi
Oo ohh indahnya dunia



Nodai Setagaya Campus, Room 116 Building 13, 13.15~

Here i am now,
sitting right in the middle of the class (i'm not joking nor being hyperbolic) where there's a lecture is held. Not in the mood of studying? Y-E-S. Yes, i'm definitely not in the mood to study. Honestly i don't really like this class, i don't even know why i registered for it. Moreover, i hardly understand what the lecturer is saying right about 3 meters in front of me. Come on, it's in Japanese! How can i?! There's only a boy who sits before me, which i can say he's the only person between me and the lecturer. Instead of paying attention to him, i prefer writing this "note" and taking a look at the people around me once in a while. While looking at them, i can feel my mouth is being curved upwards [read: smile :)]. Some people are sleeping, some girls are looking at their reflections on their mirrors, correcting their make up(s), some people are writing *like me!*, and not more than a half of the students in this class are paying attention to the lecturer either seriously or not.
Do you know about something?? This class and its atmosphere is really far beyond my imagination at the time when i hadn't started my study here. I always thought that Japanese are always serious. But then, i found the fact that it's not true! Well, i'm not saying that Japanese are not serious. No, that's not what i mean. But that saying of "Japanese are serious" seems to be only a stereotype for me now. 
Well, i wish i could take some photos of the class (and of what people are doing right now). Unfortunately i couldn't since my cellphone would make a quite loud sound when i click the capture button *one thing i hate the most about cellphone in japan*.
Errr..why does the time fly so slow?? Still have to pretend to be a good student for 30 minutes more ToT.


Quote of The Day

Sometimes loves goes wrong because your partner change.
Sometimes it fails because you change.
But more often than that, love fails because you stop appreciating what you've got.

- Janus, which i assume he got this quote somewhere, lol -


Quote of The Day

Apologizing does not always mean that you are wrong and the other person is right. 
It just means that you value your relationship more than your ego.


A Little Bit Narcist ;p

Hey, everyone! How's your weekend so far? Mine was quite good. But tomorrow it will be raining here so it might be just a cozy lonely time for me by staying in my room a whole day. Lonely? Yeah, i could say so since my roommate is in Korea now. Eventhough i rarely talk to her, but when she's not around somehow i feel a bit lonely. Anyway, cheers =D


Free Hug

What? Free hug? That's how i reacted when i saw a group of people offering free hugs near the Harajuku (Meijijingu-Mae) Station. There, you could find many unusual things. Other than free hug, there were also people who wore outstunning clothes so that people could take photos of them. Those things are interesting, aren't they?


Quote of The Day

I may not need a bigger brain to digest the situations logically,
but i need a smaller ego to accept my circumstances wholeheartedly.
-Talisha, Ribbonyboo-


I Was...

After having some talks with my friends last night, i kept thinking about what happened more than 3 years ago. I was someone who lived my life without too many hesitations. I often made decisions without thinking too much (in this case, i was always sure about what i was gonna take). I was so tough. I was able to move forward. I was keeping life went on.
What's now?
Why i always think too much (in this case, it leads to hesitation)? Why i just leave those things unsaid. It just feels so wrong. It feels like i'm running away. It feels like i'm afraid of what will be happening.
labil mode ON 


Rice Ball called "Onigiri"

they're telling the history of onigiri
sake here means salmon *my favorite
he's explaining how to make an onigiri
yeay *this is the onigiri i made myself :)
me and my onigiri + a cup of green tea :)
Anyway i keep wondering why i was so yellow?? Was that because of the camera and lighting stuff or what?? Yeah, just wishing it's not that old disease.


Happy Birthday, Mega =)

Hi, friend! How are you there? I hope you're doing fun no matter where you are. I'm so sure it's been so long since the last time i heard from you. Anyway, here i made a special cake for your birthday. I hope you'll like it (yeah i know you can't eat it though ;p). So, happy birthday! I'm wishing you all the best and of course i'm hoping that we can meet someday very soon. Because it's not only me who have been missing you, but you know, the girls, too! Love you, dear =)


From Asakusa

Weird title, huh? Okay, i just couldn't find any other words which represent this post. Because all i know i want to share some photos which were taken at Asakusa. After a year, i've been to Asakusa twice. The first time was on the last March, and the second one was on the last April. Actually after the first visit, i've posted some photos which showed you an event there, Golden Dragon Dance. Now i'll post more photos from my first visits to Asakusa. Anyway they aren't special. They're just ordinary. But i like the objects which are so bright and one of them reminds me of my old hobby.
cute and colorful japanese-doll keyholders
yes, i was regularly practicing softball during high school time (well, actually i stopped practicing on my 2nd year because my dad didn't allow me to). i really would like to practice (or play maybe?) again soon with my high school team-mates. 

Then, the next photos are the photos that i took on my second visit to Asakusa. Why monkey? Because at that time, there was a monkey show around the Sensoji Temple. There's something funny which makes me always remember at that moment. Just like the other people, i was so enthusiastic about the show. I was sitting in the front line. Once, when i was trying to zoom and focus the lense at the monkey, suddenly i saw the monkey jumped to my direction. Of course i was shocked since i have a traumatic accident related to monkey. Then i screamed quite loud. And yes all the people were starring at me and even the woman who held the show was a kind of shock too. hahahaha. バカ!!Then i realized that the monkey wasn't so close like what i thought. It seemed so close because i saw the monkey through the zoomed lense. 恥ずかしかった。*_*

well, the monkey was so great! the monkey jumped for more than 1.5 m *according to my estimation.

Anyway, of course i won't end the post right now because i haven't shared the photos which shows the famous symbol of Asakusa. So, here it is :)



Just like most people do, i love taking candid pictures of people. When i take a look back into those photos that i took, and see those smiling faces, silly faces, and even those sad-looking faces, there's a kind of self-satisfaction. I'm happy because i can see so many expressions of people. On bad times, taking a look at happy and silly faces, could bring smile onto my face :) Yeah, it could be a good medicine (sometimes it doesn't work though ;p).
On good times, when i look at sad-looking faces, somehow i feel thankful for being able to smile.

*photos are deleted by request*

*pardon me for grammatical error


A Wondering Kid

I took this photos during the golden week when i was having a trip around Ginza together with Nodainers. What a cute kid, right? Anyway the real photo isn't like this. I gave a filter effect to it. And somehow i started to imagine what he might be wondering at that time. hehehe.