A Working Student?

Hello people! Hope you're doing fine throughout the day :)
There's an issue which has been filling my head these days. It's about taking a part time job. A long time ago, before i came to Japan, i was always dreaming to do a part time job. Now that i have a chance to do so, there's so many things that finally bring hestitation. That's why until today, i don't have any part time job (let's not count my job at my campus as one of the cleaning service staff).
I've been always afraid, that working may affects my study. FYI, i'm not that kind of students who will study happily everyday on my desk. Then what if i work, then i feel so tired, then i get more reasons not to study?? That's what i call as "dangereous".
The other thing about working is that we will need to be fully commited (eerrgh. you know what? i forgot what was the word i was going to type, then it took about 10 minutes to refresh my brain!) to it. We have to stick to the schedule. We can't just cancel 10 minutes before. And many other things. 
Well, but these days i finally realized that when there's a chance, then let's get out of the box! But that chance won't ever come if we just wait for it. We should find it! Right?! 
Anyway, many of my seniors are working now. And they're doing fine with the college. So it means there's possibility that i can do the same way, doesn't it?

Look at this さるーさん (monkey), he even forced his self to be out of the box!

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