Suddenly Got Lost

Couldn't think about any other words for the post's tittle. I just lost my mood. I'm not happy. I was not happy. I don't know is it because i'm just being too sensitive or what, but i feel something has changed. Hey, you don't think I would tell you the detail, do you?! Cuz i'm absolutely not going to tell you.
Ouch well maybe i need to wait and see so that i could prove whether i'm just too sensitive or not. Huh. What a life!


Ipey said...

sometimes being lost quite entertaining :)
I found your blog from Looklet sis, so you are Indonesian study in Tokyo?
Have you meet Mizushima Hiro there?? (haha silly question!)
Feel free to take a look at my pages here:
http://looklet.com/user/364627 (vote if u like my style please)

thanks dear :)

edhika said...

yes yes yes i'm indonesian :)

nooo, i haven't met him. i assume that you're his fan??hehehe.

okay, i'll blogwalking to your blog and see your looklet page ^_~