Short Trip to Kyoto-Osaka

Hi everyone! Finally i made myself ready to write a review of my trip to Kyoto-Osaka. hehehe. Actually it has been a week ago. Me and Rama (ok, it should be clear that he's just one of the trip-team-mates) started the trip from Shinjuku at 11.30 pm by taking night bus. And there was a little funny story when we were still at Shinjuku Station. So that night we arrived too early at Shinjuku station, then since Rama is a kind of person who always get hungry every 3 hours (*haha :D), he decided to eat soba first while waiting. In coincidence, the location of the soba shop was in the underground/basement floor. Right away afterr he finished eating his soba, we went out the shop and found out that the direction we used to come before was totally different. I mean, it's closed. While we're still thinking what happened, then we saw two Japanese were a bit panic looking for the way out. So we just followed them. But at the end, there was no way out. All the doors were locked. And we started getting panic because at that time we should already be on the bus. Then one of the Japanese who were locked together with us called someone whom might be the station staff. Luckily after waiting for a while (i'm not sure how long i was locked there) someone opened one of the door so me and Rama could quick walked to find the bus. hehe
When we arrived at Kyoto, we met our another trip-mate, Iqbal. After that we started the real adventure in Kansai Area. 
Now i'll just come to the review of some places that i visited.
Tips : 
  • Get a "City Bus All-day Pass" for yourself. It costs 500yen but you can ride the bus a whole day around Kyoto. Note that there are some non-flat rate fare routes so you need to pay for extra fare (the buses on this routes have black numbers on white fields).
  • Make sure you get the sightseeing map when you buy the City Bus All-day Pass. It's very useful to guide you which bus number should you take from a place to another.
  • Make sure you know the operation hours of sightseeing sites. Since there're places which are closed at 5 pm, you need to make a good planning so you can enjoy all the sites.
Gion is one of the famous spot in Kyoto. It has been said that you may see Maiko (junior of Geisha) here. But unfortunately i didn't find one :(

It's a famous golden temple in Kyoto. And since it's surrounded by water, so you may get a great reflection of the temple on the water. It's recommended to go around 12-2 pm so you may get the best reflection. But i was a bit late and it wasn't sunny so i didn't see the reflection as good as the photos on some magazines.

Well, honestly i was a kind of not really enjoying this place. hehe. Since we were too late. The park was already closed. But as i know it has "World Cultural Heritage Sites". And you can also enjoy riding the Torokko Train.

It's another temple which is also famous in Kyoto. Besides the temple, you can enjoy the view of a great landscape Japanese garden. In Ginkakuji area, you can walk along the road and enjoy the view of cherry blossoms which is known well as Sakura.
Kiyomizu Temple
It's recommended to go to this site after the sunset. Because i got so wonderful view at night here. Collaboration of the temple and garden architecture with the lighting creates a very great view.

Shijo Keihan Mae 
Well, finding food is another important thing during your trip! Even though you may find food store anywhere in Kyoto, but if you're looking for a wide range varieties and prices, you better go to Shijo Keihan Mae. Please note that most of the shops in Kyoto open from 11 am until 8-9 pm. Becareful, if you're in some sightseeing sites which close at 5pm, mostly all the shops around the sites also close at that time.

Universal Studio Japan
Tips: Since it usually takes almost an hour (or more) to queue for each ride/show attraction. There're two options that you have if you want to shortened the queue time.
  1. If budget doesn't matter for you, get yourself a "Universal Express Pass-Booklet". You'll get high priority so you don't need to queue as long as the others.
  2. If you don't mind to separate from your friends (for example riding different boats), take a line for single rider. Most of the ride attractions has this facility. By being a single rider, you don't need to wait as long as the others. For example, when the normal line takes 60 minutes, you may only need 20-30 minutes.
My favorite rides were Space Fantasy, Hollywood Dream, and The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man
Iqbal and Rama with Shrek!

Well, i couldn't write more. It's a kind of hard to express how i feel through words. hehehehe. You need to experience it yourself :D