Went Back To A Place Where I Was Born

Yes, i went to Ibaraki Prefecture last week to spend few days of my holiday there. I stayed at one happy family's apartment for 2 nights in Ami-machi and was brought all around the town included Tsukuba-shi,  a small city where i lived during my childhood. I went to see the university where my parents used to study there and see a family dorm which supposed to be where we stayed. So happy to have a nostalgic trip even though i don't really remember those old times to be honest.
Besides, i also went to several other places which were wonderful like Kasumigaura, Japanese apricot/plum garden, Daibutsu park, and etc. I was so glad to spend my days there, since i got the opportunity to enjoy a very great weather, sunny yet cool, and i didn't even care if my skin got burnt and got darker.
What i was also so excited about is that i forced myself to play origami again because of the kids (Mas Tora and De Tira) and then fooled myself because they even did better than me. hehehe.
Then i'll just let the photos speak the rest. Enjoy :)


readhermind-dy said...

suka foto2nya..

edhika said...

thankss yaaa mbaa :)