Post-Short Break (read: After a Short Break)

I know i've told you in some posts before that i'm currently having a spring holiday. But, the last one month was a bit boring to be true. Mostly stayed at my room, watching movies and japanese dramas, had a solo trip to Meiji Jingu Shrine then continued to Omotesando and Harajuku, and came to the final destination; Shibuya. Well, i could say that my solo trip was fun. I could take some photos at the shrine, and had a little fun time shopping at Omotesando and Harajuku. ;p

And in the end of February, there's an event where we could rent Japanese Kimono and enjoyed the photo session for an hour. Really glad because i could wear the Kimono by only paying 800 JPY. Since it costs much more if i want to buy one.

In the beginning of the March, me and my friends had a sudden plan to go to Ueno. Yes, that was my first time going to Ueno. And finally i could see a frame of a market in Japan which is similar to common markets (the traditional ones) in Indonesia. But unfortunately i didn't take any photo to show you how did the market look like. Maybe next time :)
Then i took few days for an escape from Tokyo. I went to Yugawara, where my host family lived. Arrived on March 2nd and stayed for 4 days and 3 nights there. Had a good time there with okaasan and otoosan :)
Anyway, still have about a month ahead before the end of the holiday. Gosh, i can't believe it feels so long! So, how's your day people? Enjoying it? Hope you are :)


febrina utami putri said...

wiii lu di jepang yah? asik ga sekolah disana? thx for your comment!! i'll tell you a secret, i'm not so much a highheel-ers too. gw ga tahan jg pke heels, cuma punya 2 highheels dan jaraaaangg bgt pakenya hahahah abisnya nyiksa kaki. flat aja deh enak hahahaha

edhika said...

you're welcome and thanks for dropping by here :)
hehe, yapp nyiksa bgt pke highheels. much better pake flat :)

batari saraswati said...

i love your blog! :) aku tahu blognya dari kiki. salam kenal yaaa.

edhika said...

thanks mbaa *n thanks to kiki for giving the reference.. :)
salam kenal jugaa ^^