Officially "Senpai"

It is still hard to believe than now i'll be on my 2nd year of college, which also means that i'll have juniors or here we usually call the junior as kouhai. They (Dila and Akira) just arrived yesterday. So, me and Kiki as the 2nd year students, shared some tasks to be done. We decided that Kiki would pick Dila and Akira up at the airport. Then me would accompany them to do the alien registration, make the health insurance. We have done that yesterday with more companion by Rama. They were nervous when we told them that we're gonna ride the bikes. It's not that they couldn't ride bikes, but it has been so long since the last time they ride bikes.
Then today, after having brunch with almost all Indonesian students at Nodai, i took them to the bank to make bank account. I was feeling a bit weird. I remember that a year ago, i was the one who got accompanied wherever i need to go to make all the basic stuff like alien card, health insurance, and bank account. And today i felt like i was seeing myself a year ago. hehehehe. Today, we didn't ride bikes. I decided to make them walk so that (i wished) we could talk along the road without being hurried (like i was last year ;p). After making the bank account, we went to the 100yen shop to buy some stuffs for their rooms.
Well, anyway i just can't believe now i've became senpai. hahahaha

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