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Well, alone.
Could bring many meanings depend on different perspectives. 
Now, i am alone doing my part time job at the computer center in my campus. Yes, i am absolutely alone here since i am the only one who is occupying this room. No one else. No visitor. Sometimes i think less people come means less works i should do. But, if nobody comes, i feel kinda lonely. haha.
Lately, i often feel like i am alone. Not because i don't have friends. I do have friends. Sometimes i hang out with them. But, i think since the first time i came to Tokyo, i haven't found a friend whom i can talk about everything to. Well, honestly i haven't found one since i lost my very best friend after a-high-school-drama things years ago. I'm kinda missing to have one. Just one. I'm not asking too much. I just wish there's someone who would listen to me or even just to read an offline message anytime when i need him/her (of course during "normal time" because i'm not gonna disturb people at midnight or during their schools).
I know so far i could handle this. I could always find a way just to swap away my hesitation, sadness, loneliness, and everything else. Yes, of course because i'm a tough girl, just like my friends always say to me.
In contrary, most of the times, i enjoy being alone. hahahahaha.

*sorry. crazy mode: ON

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