Officially "Senpai"

It is still hard to believe than now i'll be on my 2nd year of college, which also means that i'll have juniors or here we usually call the junior as kouhai. They (Dila and Akira) just arrived yesterday. So, me and Kiki as the 2nd year students, shared some tasks to be done. We decided that Kiki would pick Dila and Akira up at the airport. Then me would accompany them to do the alien registration, make the health insurance. We have done that yesterday with more companion by Rama. They were nervous when we told them that we're gonna ride the bikes. It's not that they couldn't ride bikes, but it has been so long since the last time they ride bikes.
Then today, after having brunch with almost all Indonesian students at Nodai, i took them to the bank to make bank account. I was feeling a bit weird. I remember that a year ago, i was the one who got accompanied wherever i need to go to make all the basic stuff like alien card, health insurance, and bank account. And today i felt like i was seeing myself a year ago. hehehehe. Today, we didn't ride bikes. I decided to make them walk so that (i wished) we could talk along the road without being hurried (like i was last year ;p). After making the bank account, we went to the 100yen shop to buy some stuffs for their rooms.
Well, anyway i just can't believe now i've became senpai. hahahaha


21 Guns

I love this version of the song. Green Day featuring The Cast of American Idiot. Even the other version is also good, but the voices of the ladies bring more feelings into the song.

Do you know what's worth fighting for?
When it's not worth dying for?
Does it take your breath away
And you feel yourself suffocating?

Does the pain weigh out the pride?
And you look for a place to hide?
Did someone break your heart inside?
You're in ruins

One 21 guns
Lay down your arms give up the fight
One 21 guns
Throw up your arms into the sky you and i

When you're at the end of the road
And you lost all sense of control
And your thoughts have taken their toll
When your mind breaks the spirit of your soul

Your faith walks on broken glass
And the hangover doesn't pass
Nothing's ever built to last
You're in ruins

One 21 guns
Lay down your arms give up the fight
One 21 guns
Throw up your arms into the sky you and i

Did you try to live on your own
When you burned down the house and home?
Did you stand too close to the fire
Like a liar looking for forgiveness from a stone?

When it's time to live and let die
And you can't get another try
Something inside this heart has died
You're in ruins

One 21 guns
Lay down your arms give up the fight
One 21 guns
Throw up your arms into the sky

One 21 guns
Lay down your arms give up the fight
One 21 guns
Throw up your arms into the sky you and i


Like Them

image from here
image from here
*but i wish people can't Google how i feel about them. hehe


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Well, alone.
Could bring many meanings depend on different perspectives. 
Now, i am alone doing my part time job at the computer center in my campus. Yes, i am absolutely alone here since i am the only one who is occupying this room. No one else. No visitor. Sometimes i think less people come means less works i should do. But, if nobody comes, i feel kinda lonely. haha.
Lately, i often feel like i am alone. Not because i don't have friends. I do have friends. Sometimes i hang out with them. But, i think since the first time i came to Tokyo, i haven't found a friend whom i can talk about everything to. Well, honestly i haven't found one since i lost my very best friend after a-high-school-drama things years ago. I'm kinda missing to have one. Just one. I'm not asking too much. I just wish there's someone who would listen to me or even just to read an offline message anytime when i need him/her (of course during "normal time" because i'm not gonna disturb people at midnight or during their schools).
I know so far i could handle this. I could always find a way just to swap away my hesitation, sadness, loneliness, and everything else. Yes, of course because i'm a tough girl, just like my friends always say to me.
In contrary, most of the times, i enjoy being alone. hahahahaha.

*sorry. crazy mode: ON


金龍の舞 (read: Kinryu-no-mai)

This post might be not really up to date since it has happened few days ago. I just found the right time to do some editing on the video (yes these things of editing and uploading were really taking much time) and photos today.
Kinryu-no-mai or which is known as Golden Dragon Dance in English is one of the annual event that you can find in Asakusa, Japan. This event is held every year on March 18th at Sensoji Temple, Asakusa. As for my experienced this year, it has been said that the performance would start at 1.30 pm but actually the dragon showed up at around 2 pm. To be honest, i was a bit disappointed. Why? I was expecting that the dragon would be much bigger than that, when it came up, one thing that was on my mind is "wow, that's too small!". Well, anyway it's 7 meters long and 88 kilos.


Went Back To A Place Where I Was Born

Yes, i went to Ibaraki Prefecture last week to spend few days of my holiday there. I stayed at one happy family's apartment for 2 nights in Ami-machi and was brought all around the town included Tsukuba-shi,  a small city where i lived during my childhood. I went to see the university where my parents used to study there and see a family dorm which supposed to be where we stayed. So happy to have a nostalgic trip even though i don't really remember those old times to be honest.
Besides, i also went to several other places which were wonderful like Kasumigaura, Japanese apricot/plum garden, Daibutsu park, and etc. I was so glad to spend my days there, since i got the opportunity to enjoy a very great weather, sunny yet cool, and i didn't even care if my skin got burnt and got darker.
What i was also so excited about is that i forced myself to play origami again because of the kids (Mas Tora and De Tira) and then fooled myself because they even did better than me. hehehe.
Then i'll just let the photos speak the rest. Enjoy :)


Quote of the Day

" There is no point in living if you can't feel alive "


Post-Short Break (read: After a Short Break)

I know i've told you in some posts before that i'm currently having a spring holiday. But, the last one month was a bit boring to be true. Mostly stayed at my room, watching movies and japanese dramas, had a solo trip to Meiji Jingu Shrine then continued to Omotesando and Harajuku, and came to the final destination; Shibuya. Well, i could say that my solo trip was fun. I could take some photos at the shrine, and had a little fun time shopping at Omotesando and Harajuku. ;p

And in the end of February, there's an event where we could rent Japanese Kimono and enjoyed the photo session for an hour. Really glad because i could wear the Kimono by only paying 800 JPY. Since it costs much more if i want to buy one.

In the beginning of the March, me and my friends had a sudden plan to go to Ueno. Yes, that was my first time going to Ueno. And finally i could see a frame of a market in Japan which is similar to common markets (the traditional ones) in Indonesia. But unfortunately i didn't take any photo to show you how did the market look like. Maybe next time :)
Then i took few days for an escape from Tokyo. I went to Yugawara, where my host family lived. Arrived on March 2nd and stayed for 4 days and 3 nights there. Had a good time there with okaasan and otoosan :)
Anyway, still have about a month ahead before the end of the holiday. Gosh, i can't believe it feels so long! So, how's your day people? Enjoying it? Hope you are :)