Trip To Tochigi Prefecture

Yesterday i had a one day trip together with other students and CIP. We went to Tochigi Prefecture, which is located in the northern part of Kanto region. I was excited about the trip and wished that it would be fun. We took about 3 hours by bus to reach Tochigi Pref. 
Okay, now i'm gonna tell you the local places that i visited.

COCO Farm Winery
The winery farm in Tochigi Pref. is one of wine producers in Japan besides those in Hokkaido, Saitama, etc. What makes me interested in this winery farm is that it employs handicap people. The owner of the farm wanted to proof that the farm could make a high quality wine no matter what kind of workers made it. Unfortunately since i don't drink alcohol, and they don't produce wine without alcohol, so i couldn't taste the wine. But i had a glass of grape juice (with soda) and it was great. 

Ashikaga Gakko
Ashikaga Gakko has been said as the oldest university in Japan. But about a century ago, because of the changes in education system of university, Ashikaga Gakko stopped operating. Since then, it became one of the best tourism objects in Tochigi Prefecture. There's also temple and shrine nearby.
Anyway, besides the trip, yesterday i also got another good news *fortunately. I got the result announcement of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test. And the result showed that i'm PASSED. Yayyayyyayyy. So happy even it's just level 3 which means that now i should be able having a daily conversation :)


Ramadhona Saville said...

gw suka foto ke-2 dr bawah

Anonymous said...

halo edhika salam kenal...saya jg alumni pertanian ^^