Jump and Fly to the Sky!

I wonder if that could really happen, it must be so wonderful. I can touch the cloud, i can feel it, and maybe i can even hug it. And if everyone could do that too, will they all jump and fly to sky?? If  the answer is yes, i'm sure our sky will be full of people jumping and flying around here and there. haha :D
Anyway, this picture is edited by me. Actually i was practicing. But i think the result is not as well as my expectation. Well, i think i really need to practice more. Yey yey yeyy.


readhermind-dy said...

aku akan jawab 'iya, aku mau terbang'

Ramadhona Saville said...

ooowwww,kayaknya kok gw kenal ya ni foto,hahaha

edhika said...

iyah tp ini dr kamera gw yg ambil bang acul, yg di kamera lo juga ada.