Snowboard (January 3-6)

Today is the last day of my winter holiday. I don't know should i be sad, lazy or happy. In many ways i can say that i'm gonna be happy, but to tell you the truth, i can't deny that i feel a bit lazy too. ihihi. Why i'll be happy? It's already January which means final exam is coming soon. I'm not happy because i'm gonna have the final exam, but i'll have another holiday after it (ahahaha).
Anyway, i'm gonna let you to look back at my past few days during my winter holiday.
On January 3rd, me and my friends (mas asad, mba rani, rama, mamet, and kiki) started our holiday trip to Nagano. We went there by night bus from Shinjuku. I was so nervous yet excited because i'm gonna see snow and play snowboard. Along the trip, I sat together with rama. Since the rest of us are couples  while me and rama are LDR's struggle-ers, so we thought we didn't have any other choice. But i enjoyed it, yes of course no regret sitting beside him. hehe. Fortunately, both of us were hard to sleep so i didn't feel lonely because i had a friend to talk with.
When we arrived at Mandarao, Nagano, it was around 5 in the morning. Finally i saw the snow. hehe. Yeah actually i should have a little memory of snow from my childhood, but unfortunately i couldn't remember it. Having a short break then rent some items for playing snowboard. I really hate the fact that there's no snowboard clothes which fitted on me. It was too big. And so was the gloves. But luckily i could change the gloves with kid's size. hehe.
First Day (January 4th)
Sunny day. I didn't feel cold at all even there is snow. Took a half day snowboard school to get some basic skills. But to tell you the truth, it was so hard during the school, i couldn't even stand up (and even to walk on the snow was extremely hard for me). Maybe i was still too nervous and afraid of falling. But after the school, i practiced together with mba rani and mamet and fortunately getting better. Of course, i had some 'accidents'. hehe. But it was okay. Playing full day until 4 pm. Got too tired and slept too soon (i slept around 8 while others were still hanging up to 10)
Second Day (January 5th)
Cloudy day in the beginning. Playing again! Tried to speed up. But because of that, i had some extreme accidents. I fell with superman style several times and trust me it's hurt the most. Especially once when my face hit the ground (yeah there's snow on the ground) first, then the board hit my head a little, oh yeah that was hurt so much. Like i was keeping silent did nothing just sit and tried to calm down my self before continuing to the finish line where i could find the lift to get back to the start line. And that day, i couldn't force myself to play a whole day because i was so dizzy and feeling sick of my whole body. Anyway that day turned to be snowing, dark, i guessed i made a right decision to finish earlier.
Third/Last Day (January 6th)
Snowing Day. At the first time, i was sooo lazy to play because the weather was not really good. It's snowing and also dark because of the thick fog. But then i thought it's gonna be my last day, so i decided to play. But i just kept on the low speed when sliding the board cuz i already had enough 'accident' yesterday and didn't wanna get some more or maybe i'm gonna get worse injury. hehe. Tried to practice with the next level of turn over skill but didn't work out. Okay, maybe next year i can make it. So sad i should leave the snowy place and get back to the hectic city tokyo.
Yeah, i think that's a brief story of my experience during my winter holiday. Wish i could go there again next year.

Our Team

*ps. sorry for the quality lack of the photos, since none of use brought a camera when we're playing, so we could only use the cellphone's camera.


Rani Nur Rosulli said...

Hi Edhika..
how s japan treating u?
hehehe.. u posted something on my blog, i did so..
remember me?..
just want to say happy new year..

edhika said...

hii ranii..
yeahh i remember now..
so now you're doing LDR too??
how's germany?
japan, so far treats me well..hehe..
happy new year for you too :)

caca said...

waaaa... aku pgn bgt ngerasain salju...
ajak aku ke jepang... hihihih

edhika said...

ayo sini ke jepang mumpung lg musim dingin..^^

Hijau Lumut said...

Whoaaaa..... beruntung sekali bisa bertemu salju, mba... ^^
Sama kayak Caca, aku juga pengen banget bertemu saljuuuu.... >,<
Salam kenal ya... ^^

Ramadhona Saville said...

hahaha,ada gw dibawah sana

edhika said...

hijau lumut: iyaa beruntung nii..salam kenal juga yaa^^

rama: ahahaha..seneng lo..