Looking Back For A While

I woke up in the morning, found out that i didn't shut down my laptop and let it turned on for a whole night. Then checked my mail and found a message on my fb acc from IPB 45 group (as maybe i ever told you that i was studying at Bogor Agricultural University a.k.a IPB before). In the message, there were many links of the songs which i was really familiar with them during my first year in IPB. Especially the songs during the university orientation (OSPEK) time. I opened all the links, listened to them, and finally downloaded them.
When i listened to those songs, one by one, the memories of those times were flying on my mind. I miss those times!! Yes, for sure i miss them.
OSPEK. It was not a hard one. Yeah there were a lot of assignments, early-wake-up-responsibilities, running around campus, etc. I still remember some of those part clearly. I remember my stomach was hurt each time i should run after meal. I remember i was enjoying the demonstration simulation. Yes i liked that time so much. Sun, sweat, tiredness, silly atributes. "Berderap dan Melaju" was my favorite song at ospek time. I also liked "Kami Ada Di sini" because of the lyric. Here i tell you the lyric.

Kami ada di sini untuk terus beraksi
Menuntut reformasi yang sedang mati suri
Katanya reformasi
Nyatanya dagang sapi
Lawan! Lawan! Segala Korupsi

My first year at IPB means living at student dormitory. Dorm A3, Coridor 10, Room 401. Sharing room with dayah, viga, mba mey. Hanging out with bela, viga, desti, ayu, iyank, dayah then called ourselves as ceriwis. They treated me well when i was sick, not only once. Miss you girls. And one thing that i may not be able to forget is the OST. of our dorm. The song is called "Together To Be Better" (i'm listening to it now..hihi^^)


Riesta Emy Susanti said...

nice to know your blog...
very cute...
you're in Japan,,right???
i hope i can go to Japan...
but,,it's too expensive..
i have to save my money a lot first...

edhika said...

yes, i'm studying here now..
yeahh for sure, i hope you'll get a good chance to go to japan too^^

yanuar catur rastafara said...

ayooo,, lawan korupsi

.:diah:. said...

waaawww, u r in Japan now?? it's so great... and I read all of your post use English, it's very good :D

anyway, nice to know you :)