At The End of The Month

I've been spending the last three weeks with a mountain of assignments, presentations, and a whole week full of exams. Feel so relieve that i could finally passed those times. Well actually i still have one more exam left on February 2nd, but it's English exam. I don't mean that i'm underestimating this exam, but at least this time i won't need to translate the material from japanese to english for studying. I'm feeling so enough with translating stuff(s). 
Well how was my exam? I couldn't say anything about that, but all i know that i didn't leave those exams' rooms without writing anything. Yes, at least i wrote something on those papers and i don't wanna think about the results now. I've decided that i'm just gonna wait for them. 
Okay, it means that i almost arrive at the end of this academic year. My freshmen year at Tokyo University of Agriculture. Holiday is coming ahead then i'm gonna have new kouhai (juniors) soon. Well, kouhai?? Sounds interesting but honestly that makes me feel older. haha. I guess they're coming on the late March. Yayyyayayyy.
Now, i'm thinking (yes i'm really thinking) on how i'm gonna spend my long holiday. I will have 2 months holiday. What am i going to do?? No idea No No No. Sounds bad. But i wish i could travel around. Hm, wish me a great holiday, friends :)
Anyway today i went to a farm in Sakurashinmachi, Tokyo. I helped them cutting the roots of komatsuna (a kind of spinach but not exactly the same). Great activity on sunday morning :)
a kid was playing the worms


Another Surprising Thing

I don't know whether you have seen this or not, i just like to share this video here since i adore the way he played that ukulele *wish he could also sing as well as he played the ukulele.


Out Of Words

The only pair of tool which makes you have the image of the world


Finally Looklet-ing Again

Will be pleased if you would give me heart, click here.


A Day With Indonesian Food(s)

I'm so happy because i could eat many Indonesian foods today. Got a change to stop by at CABE, Indonesian restaurant in Meguro Tokyo, at lunch time. Then ordered mie ayam pangsit + nasi goreng. Since i was also starving for satay, then i ordered mutton satay to take home. So, now i just had dinner with my mutton satay. hehe :) I love Indonesian food for sure!

mie ayam pangsit + nasi goreng

mutton satay *sorry i just remembered to take a photo when i already ate a half of them ;)


Another Proof That LDR Is a Hard Thing To Do

Today i suppose to do my assignments. One report, and two presentations for next week. But i just woke up at 11 o'clock (wow!) and got two bad news afterward. Anyway i'm not gonna tell you all the bad news. Yes, i'm not.
I just thought it's so unbelievable. One of my friends here, he's a man. He has been doing LDR for about 6 years, but actually he has been doing his relationship for 8 years. And the last two years, he and his partner have been in an engagement and planned to get married this year. But, in the last 6 months, they started to have problems. I can say it's a big problem. So, in order to fix the problem, he went back to Indonesia during winter holiday. And he just got back to Tokyo again yesterday.
What makes me surprised is, just now he told me that he broke up!
He hasn't told me the whole story, maybe soon. But it really makes me realized. It's hard. I know it's hard from the beginning. I wish that my story won't ended like his.


成人の日 (Coming-of-age Day)

How old should you be to be said as adult in your country? For example in my country, Indonesia, when we reach 17 years old we can be said as adult. Adult here means that now we have a full responsibility as a citizen. We can be jailed if we do crime, we can also participate in president election at this age, and many more things.
Here in Japan, you'll be called as adult when you reach 20 years old. And there's a celebration day which is being held every year on January 11th. Me, as i reached 20 years old on November last year, was invited to come to the celebration. Since i didn't have such a kind of celebration in Indonesia, so i was curious and excited to attend it.
Mostly, the girls who attend the celebration will wear kimono. But since it's so expensive even just for the rent, i didn't wear kimono. hehe.
The celebration itself, for me, there wasn't something incredible. There were some speeches from people whom i didn't have any idea who were they, a video (this should be touching my heart, but since i was not really good in Japanese, so i didn't understand. hehe), and a cheerleader performance (why they prefer cheerleader rather than band or anything else?).
Anyway, here are some photos that i took with my new camera (yes, it's the first day i used it)


Another Talented Youngsters

You guys should try to watch it. Cool :)

Looking Back For A While

I woke up in the morning, found out that i didn't shut down my laptop and let it turned on for a whole night. Then checked my mail and found a message on my fb acc from IPB 45 group (as maybe i ever told you that i was studying at Bogor Agricultural University a.k.a IPB before). In the message, there were many links of the songs which i was really familiar with them during my first year in IPB. Especially the songs during the university orientation (OSPEK) time. I opened all the links, listened to them, and finally downloaded them.
When i listened to those songs, one by one, the memories of those times were flying on my mind. I miss those times!! Yes, for sure i miss them.
OSPEK. It was not a hard one. Yeah there were a lot of assignments, early-wake-up-responsibilities, running around campus, etc. I still remember some of those part clearly. I remember my stomach was hurt each time i should run after meal. I remember i was enjoying the demonstration simulation. Yes i liked that time so much. Sun, sweat, tiredness, silly atributes. "Berderap dan Melaju" was my favorite song at ospek time. I also liked "Kami Ada Di sini" because of the lyric. Here i tell you the lyric.

Kami ada di sini untuk terus beraksi
Menuntut reformasi yang sedang mati suri
Katanya reformasi
Nyatanya dagang sapi
Lawan! Lawan! Segala Korupsi

My first year at IPB means living at student dormitory. Dorm A3, Coridor 10, Room 401. Sharing room with dayah, viga, mba mey. Hanging out with bela, viga, desti, ayu, iyank, dayah then called ourselves as ceriwis. They treated me well when i was sick, not only once. Miss you girls. And one thing that i may not be able to forget is the OST. of our dorm. The song is called "Together To Be Better" (i'm listening to it now..hihi^^)


Snowboard (January 3-6)

Today is the last day of my winter holiday. I don't know should i be sad, lazy or happy. In many ways i can say that i'm gonna be happy, but to tell you the truth, i can't deny that i feel a bit lazy too. ihihi. Why i'll be happy? It's already January which means final exam is coming soon. I'm not happy because i'm gonna have the final exam, but i'll have another holiday after it (ahahaha).
Anyway, i'm gonna let you to look back at my past few days during my winter holiday.
On January 3rd, me and my friends (mas asad, mba rani, rama, mamet, and kiki) started our holiday trip to Nagano. We went there by night bus from Shinjuku. I was so nervous yet excited because i'm gonna see snow and play snowboard. Along the trip, I sat together with rama. Since the rest of us are couples  while me and rama are LDR's struggle-ers, so we thought we didn't have any other choice. But i enjoyed it, yes of course no regret sitting beside him. hehe. Fortunately, both of us were hard to sleep so i didn't feel lonely because i had a friend to talk with.
When we arrived at Mandarao, Nagano, it was around 5 in the morning. Finally i saw the snow. hehe. Yeah actually i should have a little memory of snow from my childhood, but unfortunately i couldn't remember it. Having a short break then rent some items for playing snowboard. I really hate the fact that there's no snowboard clothes which fitted on me. It was too big. And so was the gloves. But luckily i could change the gloves with kid's size. hehe.
First Day (January 4th)
Sunny day. I didn't feel cold at all even there is snow. Took a half day snowboard school to get some basic skills. But to tell you the truth, it was so hard during the school, i couldn't even stand up (and even to walk on the snow was extremely hard for me). Maybe i was still too nervous and afraid of falling. But after the school, i practiced together with mba rani and mamet and fortunately getting better. Of course, i had some 'accidents'. hehe. But it was okay. Playing full day until 4 pm. Got too tired and slept too soon (i slept around 8 while others were still hanging up to 10)
Second Day (January 5th)
Cloudy day in the beginning. Playing again! Tried to speed up. But because of that, i had some extreme accidents. I fell with superman style several times and trust me it's hurt the most. Especially once when my face hit the ground (yeah there's snow on the ground) first, then the board hit my head a little, oh yeah that was hurt so much. Like i was keeping silent did nothing just sit and tried to calm down my self before continuing to the finish line where i could find the lift to get back to the start line. And that day, i couldn't force myself to play a whole day because i was so dizzy and feeling sick of my whole body. Anyway that day turned to be snowing, dark, i guessed i made a right decision to finish earlier.
Third/Last Day (January 6th)
Snowing Day. At the first time, i was sooo lazy to play because the weather was not really good. It's snowing and also dark because of the thick fog. But then i thought it's gonna be my last day, so i decided to play. But i just kept on the low speed when sliding the board cuz i already had enough 'accident' yesterday and didn't wanna get some more or maybe i'm gonna get worse injury. hehe. Tried to practice with the next level of turn over skill but didn't work out. Okay, maybe next year i can make it. So sad i should leave the snowy place and get back to the hectic city tokyo.
Yeah, i think that's a brief story of my experience during my winter holiday. Wish i could go there again next year.

Our Team

*ps. sorry for the quality lack of the photos, since none of use brought a camera when we're playing, so we could only use the cellphone's camera.


Japanese New Year SALE

I think we all know that during new year there are usually a lot of SALE everywhere. They put discount even up to 80%. I remember when i was in Indonesia, i often went to the mall before or after new year to enjoy the big sale.
I just had my first new year few days ago (ok, maybe not really first time, since i have also been here for about 3 years when i was a kid). I just discovered something unique here related to the big sale. In Japan, there are a lot of stores which sell Japan local brand (i mean not such international brand) and believe me the their products are quite expensive (since the production is really in Japan, not in china or india or anywhere else, we can say that the quality is very trusted). Now something that i mean unique before is, those local brand stores almost every new year sell a happy bag called FUKUBUKURO
Any of you know what fukubukuro is? So those stores, beside selling their products as usual, they also sell something like a set of clothes (or anything else), they put that set of clothes inside a (mostly) cool bag (or even a suitcase). But most of the stores don't let us to know what are inside the bag. So, it's a kind of luck. You may get all the stuffs good as you deserved, or maybe some of the stuffs may disappoint you, or the worst is that you don't like any of them. The stores sell the fukubukuro in some prices depend on how many item inside the bag. But the choices of the fukubukuro's prices are mostly  10,000yen or 5,000yen (without tax). But don't worry, if you dare enough, the real total price of the items inside the bag may be worth 5-10 times than the price of the fukubukuro.
Yesterday i went to Shibuya to enjoy the new year sale. Many long queue in front of many stores (trust me it's so weird. i never saw something like this before in indonesia). But this year i couldn't challenge myself to buy any of the fukubukuro. For me now, it's too risky buying something which i don't have any idea what are they for 10,000yen (i need to go to morning baito for 5 days to collect that much money..hehe). But mba rani (my senior), finally challenged herself this year and bought one fukubukuro. And she's so lucky. The items inside the bag are good. And also mba desy (another senior who already graduated then stay in japan), she also got many good items from the fukubukuro.
Me? I bought something. Yes, really. And i bought an item which i didn't plan to buy, but since there was a very great offer so i decided to buy and let myself poor. What is that special item? I'll let you know later :)

mba rani was buying the fukubukuro

people who (maybe) didn't like the items that they got from fukubukuro were asking for exchange with others. so crowded, right?


Just Wanna Say..

And i'd also like to say thanks to my bestfriends ever for spending the changing of the year together last night via skype. I miss you girls. I really wish i was there spending a night together at rina's house. Ow yeahh i really miss that home. I think it has been more than a year since the last time i paid for a visit there. Suddenly i remember, at my high school time rina's house was a kind of base camp for us. We really loved to stay there, even just for chatting, gossiping, watching dvd, and eating meatball.
Anyaway, wishing you truly happiness in 2010 :)