Leaving The Year of 2009

Year 2009 is almost coming to the end. The new year is coming ahead. Am i ready to step to a new year? No matter what, i know i should be ready 'cuz time never stop running.
Looking back to this 2009 year, many things happened, many things i got to learn, many things brought both happiness and sadness. A big change in my life also happened on this year. Going abroad living far from my parents. Finally i learn how to stand on my own feet, how to live my life without relying on anybody else.
What about the coming year 2010? Will there be a big change again? Well, of course i'm not hoping my life will be just staying the same like the current situation. Of course i expect some changes. For me, those changes will make me learn more things. And of course without changes, i think it will be just a boring life. I won't share my boring life to my kids in the future and make them fall asleep while listening to me (NOO WAYY!!). I don't care even if there will be one big change or only some little changes. But if it would be happening, am i ready for the big one?
New year resolution? No, i'm not going to make one. I don't remember if i ever done even once before.
Okay, maybe i'll just make a kind of promise to my self. I'll be tough no matter what's coming ahead :) 

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Ramadhona Saville said...

eh,taun baru mw kmn?
gw baito ampe jam 5 tanggal 31