ABC Cooking Lesson

Today i had a great day. I only had one class today and it was English class. It's not because it's just English class, but since the teacher said that today we're just gonna have fun, so i was really enjoyed. Then after class, i went back to my room to have a short break and to pray. After that, together with Mba Rani, we went to Mba Dessy's house to celebrate her birthday. Actually her birthday was on Dec 20th. It was fun. We chatted a lot.
Around 3 pm, me and Mba Rani went to Roppongi Midtown, and we also met Huong Senpai there and had 2 hours cake lesson together. It was fun. I felt like 'oh god, here i really am. having a cake lesson. i'm making a cake! unbelievable!' Well, it may sounds too much. But i'm not really good at cooking. All i can do are only make scrambled egg, fried rice, and just those frozen-food-frying-stuffs. Anyway fortunately the lesson went so smooth. I could do every step that needed to be done. Oh yeah actually i need a lil help in some part. But still i felt like i still could handle it. Ahahaha..
Anyway, during the making process of the cake, suddenly i felt like my head was turning around and everything went dark. Luckily before i really fell, i quickly sat on the nearest chair to me. And after that i vomited (don't be misunderstood, please. I went to the toilet right after i felt like i would vomit). But anyway, the fact that i still able to continue the lesson after that incident was very great :)
And voilaa..here is the picture of the cake that i made..

Strawberry Dome Cake

After we finished the lesson, we went to see the illumination in Roppongi Mid Town. It was very beautiful. I think illumination in Roppongi Mid Town was the best compared to the one in Tokyo Tower and Shinjuku.

And our journey today was ended with dinner at Tengu. But actually only me and Mba Rani who went for dinner together since Huong Senpai already had another plan with her boyfriend.
Thanks to Mba Rani for inviting to come along to the free cake lesson. I think i'm gonna take the package cooking lesson someday. Since it costs a lot of money. I think i'm not financially ready now. Hehehe..


tealovecoffee said...

Wowwww those cake looks delicious!!! >o< want it!!!

Dilla Rukmono said...

hey, i've read all of your posts and i'm really love your blog. then i added it to my blog list on my own blog. keep posting sist! :)

caca said...

waahhh aku suka jepang... kamu dapet beasiswa disana ya? aku suka blog kamu... salam kenal...^^

edhika said...

thanks for the lovely comments all :)