Syokubunka 食文化

Today we moslems celebrate Idul Adha. But since i have full schedule for classed today, i couldn't go to pray together. So sad, i really loved to go.
Anyway today was such an roller coaster day for me. Started from didn't go to morning baito. And then i have big quiz for japanese class. As i finished the quiz early so i could leave earlier. Then i was heating a bread using microwave, and i didn't realized what's going on until i smell smoke in my room. And i found out that the bread was already burnt. And the worst thing is i can still smell the smoke until now even it has been 10 hours passed. Oh my God.
Then in the afternoon, my senpai called me and told me that i needed to go to 経営者フォーラム as soon as possible because the forum would be held only until 16.10 which means it's held from the 3rd period to 4th period while i need to take a substitution absence for the 5th period class. Since i had class at 14.40 (on the 4th period) so my senpai said to me that i'd better go to the forum before the class (on the 3rd period). Then i was hurried and ran from my dorm to the hall. I was so tired and hungry because i haven't ate anything that afternoon.
After the forum, i had english class. Thanks God today we didn't talk much about our news project. Because i'm kinda bored about it for now. We were only listening to some people's experiences about stereotypes.
Then i went to syokubunka. It's such a cultural introduction on food. And today's foods were korean foods. We saw the cooking demonstration from korean students then we tried to make the foods in group. We made Stewed Kimchi, Cucumber Kimchi, and Chijimi. Well, actually i should have been able to eat cucumber kimchi and chimiji because these foods don't use pork as the ingredient. But, one of my group member was doing such a suck thing. She cut pork and vegetables with the same knife without washing it first. So when she cut the vegetables, the knife was already being used to cut pork before. So i couldn't eat anything. Huuuuhhhh..It was making me in bad mood.
But after that syokubunka, i went to kyoudo with joyce and tree. I ate takoyaki there. Oishikatta!
Ooohh..so tired today. And i have to wake up early tomorrow because i will go for momiji hiking. So, gonna go to bed right now. Good night all x)

Stewed Kimchi

 Cucumber Kimchi


My cooking group

The delicious takoyaki

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