Solo Trip to Abiko and Extra Trip to Tsukuba

Hi people! Last Saturday i had my solo trip to Abiko in Chiba prefecture. In Abiko, there's a house of my mother's professor when she was taking master degree some years ago in Tsukuba University. The professor name is Tanaka sensei. Tanaka sensei and his wife picked me up at Abiko station then we walked around the Teganuma lake in Abiko and also to Abiko City Museum of Birds. Loved the scenery that i had there. I stayed in Tanaka sensei's house for a night. Then on Sunday we went to Tsukuba city in Ibaraki prefecture. FYI, Tsukuba is the place where i was born 20 years ago. Felt so exited when i knew i would go there even though it's not the first time. Before this one, i also ever been to Tsukuba around 12 years ago. Anyway i'm happy :) Tsukuba is also know as Tsukuba Science City. In Tsukuba there are many research institutes.

national bird of Japan キジ (read: kiji)

teganuma lake

 playing kite around the lake

mount tsukuba

Anyway i really love the view of countryside in Japan. It's very natural. Different from Tokyo which has a very busy-crowded image. Someday i want to go to Abiko and Tsukuba again :) Thanks to Tanaka sensei for inviting me.

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