My First Boots

Last Tuesday i had a sudden shopping day with my senior, ayu. Suddenly we decided to go to Shimokitazawa. Then we found that many shoes store were having sale, especially boots sale. So we took a look and tried some pairs of boots. I wasn't really sure whether i would buy or not. So besides asking ayu's opinion about my boots choice, i also took a photo of the boots secretly and sent mms to my another senior, mba rani. And then after she received the photo, she called me and told me to buy. So finally i bought that pair of boots. And do you know what? This pair of boots is my first boots. And today is the first time i use my boots. There is an International Student Forum in my campus which was holding a small halloween party and my friend asked me to go. But i don't have any costume and i never been to halloween party before. So i just dress as usual, but since it is so cold today, i wore my coat and also used my boots.


aifasuitcase said...

Hi..I like ur boots^^ u should wear it with ur Ludic fur jacket, definitely perfect match!

Fitri said...

ur boot are oh so adoreable. love it . and lucky u can use it in a 4 season country,but i cant .huhuhu

edhika said...

aifasuitcase: yes, i plan to use my boots together with ludic jacket someday soon ^_^

fitri: yes i feel so lucky to be in 4 seasons country now so i could have opportunities to use them. but you can also use boots in indonesia. just like people here who love to use boots during rainy days, you can also do the same ways since we have a lot of rainy days in indonesia,right?