Typhoon Melor

One of the strongest typhoon in the last 10 years attacked Japan today. The typhoon which is called as Typhoon Melor packing winds of up to 144 kph. Trust me it was soooo windy today. When i saw outside the window in the morning, i was shock and a was afraid to go out. But since my campus didn't announce that there's holiday, so i still had to go the campus.

Perhaps, it is the first time for me to go out when there's a typhoon. Well, it was so hard to stand properly because the wind moved so fast. And even i felt like i was going to fly whenever the winds touch myself. I was walking but since the wind keep blowing behind me, the wind keep pushing me from the back so i started to run unintentionally. Thanks God i was save after i tried to hide behind a high wall.

image from The Japan Times

Because of this typhoon, there are some train line which stopped their operation such as Yamanote line and Chuo line. The buses also stopped their operation. Many airplane's flights were being delayed during the typhoon.

Now i guess the typhoon is already gone eventhough it's still windy outside. So, everyone, take care of yourselves. Be aware when there's a typhoon. Because most of the death case when there's a typhoon is being hit by a fallen tree.


Ramadhona Saville said...

hooo,nama taifuunya melor yah...aru tw gw,hahaha

edhika said...

iyaa rama, typhoon melor namanya. i just knew from online newspaper though ;p