These lately days has became so tiring. Many activities that should be done. Started from the 9th international student summit, shuukakusai no junbi (preparation for harvest fest in campus), accompanying a lecturer who was in tokyo for several days, saman dance practicing, and finally saman dance performance.

The eight of us were very spiritfull facing the upcoming saman dance performance in Hamacho. Because we 'heard' that we would be paid for ¥10.000 per person. That is a big amount of money for sure. So we did all the preparation and the performance wholeheartedly.

People there seemed to be satisfied with our performance. We were happy of that. Then when we're ready to go home, we waited for our payment. And at the time when the man who invited us gave the money. We all were shocked. It's only ¥10.000 for all + ¥5000 for transport fee. So there're only ¥15.000 that we should share together. We got twisted for sure. Maybe there was a misunderstanding. Anyway, even though we were a bit disappointed, but we forgot about it right away, and be happy again.

And these are some of the happily crazy photos on the way home (on the train!)

Anyway, thanks to Indra who was kindly taking photos for us :)

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