After a hard week, ended with typhoon yesterday. Yes typhoon, you may bring all of my tiredness, sadness, and any other suck feelings fly with you. I don't mind at all. This week should be an energetic, fun week since we're going to have a biggest campus event here. We call it shuukakusai or maybe it's okay if we make a translation of it by harvest festival. There will be many stalls selling many kind of foods either japanese foods or international foods. Since there will be some food stalls from Indonesia, Philipine , Thailand, Vietnam, Mexico, Latin America, Mongolia, China. And of course many food stalls from Japan. People from all over Tokyo may come those three days start from October 30th to November 1st.
So, you reader, if you live around Tokyo, we'll be glad to welcome you here at Tokyo University of Agriculture, Setagaya Campus :)

Anyway, this is the latest style i made in Looklet.

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