The Prize for Winning Looklet Styling Contest

Still remember with Looklet Styling Contest that i joined few weeks ago? You can refresh your memory here. Since my style was the most being voted by people, so i won that contest. And the prize would be Ludic fur jacket which was being the theme of the contest. I was happy but worried in the same time. I wondered how it would be if the size of the jacket is too big. Because as i remembered, looklet team didn't ask me the size.
And when i just got back to my dorm from classes, then i found my name was written on the board, which means there's a package for me. So i quickly went to the dorm-man and asked for my package. And yeah just like what i thought, it's from looklet.
Here i post the photos..

Thanks for everyone who voted and thanks to Looklet :)


ndit said...

selamat yaa sist . terus, pas dicobain, kegedean gak?
*aku rasa c kegedean :)

edhika said...

thank you :) gaa koo..lumayan pas..hehehe..

intan kemalasari said...

waaaah asik yah sis :) free shipping atau nggak? aku kira nggak beneran dikirim loh prizenya..ternyata dikirim hihihi :D

edhika said...

yapp..free shipping..bener2 pure hadiah dr looklet. sama aku kira juga ga beneran dikirim lah, apalagi ngeliat harganya gitu..tp ternyata..hehe..syukurlah :)

Yuri said...

halo edhika, congrats on the price yah. I was surprised when I learned that the winner is an Indonesian girl, I'm so happy for you. I would like to win one of the contest on looklet too but all I got was a shortlist ;p tapi lumayanlah jd finalist juga hehe..
Anyway, I followed you on looklet, hope you follow me too ^__^