Just Arrived!

Yayy yayy..finally i have this cabinet! Do you remember about the cabinet i ordered yesterday? Yes, it just arrived at my room. I was a bit shock when the delivery man called my cell phone and i should reminded myself to speak in Japanese. And thanks God i could handle it this time. Hihihihi.

The cabinet is already in my room now, but i just put it that way and don't know when i am going to put in the right place. Because as you will see in a photo below that there's still my extra large luggage in the place where it's supposed to be a new place for my new cabinet. Damn, i am too lazy to unpack all the stuff inside those luggage. So i guess that luggage has been there that way for four days. Poor luggage.

Anyway, yayyy yayy..hippie happy! :DD

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Ramadhona Saville said...

throw the Poor luggage away,hahaha