Great Investment ;p

Today is the first day i go to morning baito (again) after a long holiday. Quite tiring for the first day. I should clean all the stairs from 9th floor to 1st floor. What a work!

Anyway, i've been hoping to have a new cabinet in my-quite-narrow-room since a long long time ago. So, since i have some money to be allocated for buying a cabinet, today i asked my senpai to accompany me visiting the recycle shop. Actually, before i went to the recycle shop, i checked the price of the cabinet in a quite-big-store. But i think it's still too expensive. Then i went to the recycle shop and buy a cabinet. Well, actually it isn't a new one. It's a second-hand cabinet. But i don't care. I just need a media to keep my stuff. Unfortunately they can't deliver my cabinet today, so i need to wait till tomorrow.

After that, i went to ダイソー (read- daishoo) a.k.a 100円 shop. As usual, if i go without a clear plan about what i am going to buy, i can't control myself and decide what should i buy or not. But out of those fact, i am so happy about my great investments! You must be curious what investment that i mean. I bought a hanging table and a hanging rack. Well, maybe you will think what makes them so special?? For me they are special because they are cheap and they could help me keeping some of my stuff in my tiny room where i can't put many big rack etc. By those hanging things, i don't need to be confused on where i am gonna put them. LOL.

this is the hanging table where i can put my modem on it.

this is the hanging rack that i hang on my desk.

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