Batik Day :D

Just arrived in Tokyo on Wednesday, September 30th. The trip was fine even though my flight from Jakarta to Denpasar had to be delayed. Thanks God this trip was a lot better than the last trip i had. So i didn't feel disappointed anymore.

Being already in Tokyo doesn't mean i couldn't wear batik today. Of course as a nice Indonesian, batik is my dresscode for a whole day (well, except now. as i already in my room and wear my pajamas). Got few photos to post but not really good shots actually.

HAPPY BATIK DAY for Indonesia :DD

ps. In these photos i wear my room slipper. When i went outside, i wear my gladiator sandal. hihihi :D

Anyway, today my college activities start. But i didn't go to morning baito this morning. I was too sleepy. And also rainy day makes me feel too lazy to go out. Still, i had to go out, cuz i had three classes from the 9 am till 5.30 pm. What a long day.

Planning to continue doing my report assignment, but still hard to start. Euuww. What a lazy me!

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iNa said...

siiip :)
kita di Spore juga kompakan pada pake batik :D