At This Point..

Hm..Maybe it's going to sound a bit melancholic, but it can't be helped. At the moment, i'm not feeling good about anything. There's something that has gone lately. I miss my time when i could get around with my friends. Either during high school time or during previous college time. Sometimes i could be too talkative around them, but sometimes i could be so quiet and just looking at them talking about everything. No matter how i was, i felt happy when they were around. Even they're not some people who were really close to me, even they're not always be whom i talked to when i had problems (sometimes i did for sure), but there's such feeling that i was into them. It felt like i could blend with them.
These 6 last months, since i just started a new life experience, studying abroad, living far away from parents, leaving everything behind, i feel like i can't feel being into some people. I have friends here. Of course i'm not a kind of person who can't make a new friendship. But somehow, i can't really blend with them, neither to my international friends nor indonesians. It's not like i hate them. Absolutely not. They're all unique. More characters are found in them. I'm glad that i could have a lifetime experience living in this international atmosphere. I could meet people from many parts of the world. I wonder why i couldn't feel the feeling that i had before. Sometimes i think 'ok, maybe it's just about time. hey you! you're just living here for quite short time! you still have many more time to find the happiness being around them'.

Sorry for posting such a thing like this.
Goodnite everyone!


Ramadhona Saville said...

ganbare ganbare

Anonymous said...

wajar kalo elu berpikiran seperti itu. tanpa elu sadari, ada orang2 lain juga yang punya pikiran sama kayak elu. one advice : get busy, so you'll have no time to think any other things out of your business. it works, it really does.

edhika said...

thanks for the advice :)
i'll find something to be busy with..