Tasikmalaya Earthquake

Well, i was so shock that day when suddenly i felt the earthquake. I was taking a nap when i felt like the ground was moving and i heard the vibrating sound of the window. I woke my father up but then he said don't be worry. So i just listened to him and stayed inside my house.
Then i turned on the TV looking for news program. And i found out that the earthquake was quite big. It was 7,3 SR. I was very sure that it was bigger than the last three earthquake that i had before in Tokyo.
I feel so sorry for the people in Tasikmalaya, Cianjur and other places who got so troubled after the earthquake.
But i also feel so thankful that me and family could stay safe, even my mother got a lil hurt in her foot because the earthquake happened when she was lecturing and her students suddenly ran all the way and made the chairs falling down so that one of those chair hit my mother's foot.
Let's pray everyone and let's try to help the victim in any way!

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