My New Kulkith Shoes

Well, i'm not always publishing a post each time i have i new pair of shoes. But this time, since i've been waiting for having it for quite long time. So i can't hold on my desire to publish it here. Hehe.

Yeah, at the first time, i knew about Kulkith shoes from Diana Rikasari's blog when she got a pair of shoes from it. Then i started to look for it in facebook. I was totally interested to have one of it. Then i asked mba Agnes (Kulkith owner) about the shipping fee. I was rethinking to buy it when i knew that the shipping fee costs double from the price of the shoes themselves. So i delayed to buy it. And about a week before my trip going home to Indonesia, i contacted mba Agnes and made an order. And finally here is my new Kulkith Shoes.. ^^

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