Gotta Leave Soon :((

H-1 before leaving to Japan again. Eeuuww.. Honestly i want to stay here in Bogor a bit longer. I still wanna spend my days with my bf. But nothing i can do. College is waiting over me (ahaha!) in other words it's gonna start soon. So i should go back to Tokyo as soon as possible. I just hope that i will have a safe and comfortable flight. I hope there will be no problem like i had on my last flight. Wish me luck everyone!

Today, i met my college-mates at lunch. We ate at Death for Chocolate in Bogor. But we didn't take any photo so i couldn't post any photo here.

Actually i want to post some photos during my holiday, but still can get enough time to filter which photos i'd to post and to post them here. Anyway i had a great holiday at home. No other place which is better than my own home.

Anyway, i just made my twitte account yesterday. So, follow me guys!

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