Indonesia I'm Coming :)

I'm so excited because i'm going back to Indonesia next Monday. Two more days! Well, honestly i'm not missing my home that bad. Since i just left 4 months ago. But i think it's better to go home this summer holiday than to wait until next year's summer holiday, isn't it? Because if i choose to wait, it means that i need to wait one and a half year. Oh, i don't think i can make it.
If i looked back on how was my effort to save the money for buying the ticket, i feel like how miserable i was. On weekend, i tried not to go to some places where i might spend money for something which was not necessary in my priority that time. So i spent couples of boring weekends on the last two months by staying in my dorm. Besides that, every morning i tried hard to wake up early in order to go for morning baito. Yeah, it was so good because i could go every morning last month.
Luckily i could save some money for buying the ticket. I can't wait to see my boyfriend. He's gonna pick me up at the airport. I miss him sooo much. I also miss my family especially my lil brother. And of course i miss my besties whom i used to chat many things with.
Anyway, i'm not really good in 'packing' session. So now i'm a bit confused. Well i hope it could be done tomorrow.

I'm putting one of my latest looklet picture here.

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Ramadhona Saville said...

indonesia i'm comin' tooo