Shopping at Shimokitazawa

Last Saturday, me and my friend went to an elementary school to be guest speakers in english club. Then me and my friend also did Cendrawasih dance and taught those elementary school students a basic pose of Bali dance. It was very interesting. I like Kumi-chan. She's so cute. She couldn't stop talking. But sometimes i couldn't understand because she spoke so fast.
On the way home, we dropped by at Shimokitazawa, and found out that there's sale! Finally i bought a pair of purple heels. Hehe.

Uhh yeaahh..
Today i went to Shimokiazawa again! Together with my senpai, Mba Rani, we went there at wednesday afternoon. What a perfect day! Hehehe..
Even now i'm in a condition of run out of money, but i can't hold my desire to buy a unique pants that i found at one store in Shimokitazawa. At the first time, i decided to leave the store without buying that pants. But after going around Shimokitazawa, finally i went back to that store and bought that pants. Hehe. Relief cuz finally i got that pants, but then a bit worried of how life would be some weeks later. Well, i hope i'm gonna be okay. Hehe.

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