Japanese Dorama

These lately days i've been so crazy about dorama. Spending my leasure time in front of my senpai's notebook, watching those doramas has been my favorite thing to do nowadays.
The first dorama that i watched along my living in Tokyo is Propose Daisakusen. This dorama is about a guy named Ken who feels so regret seeing his beloved one get married with other man. Then there is a fairy who gives him chances to turn back time and change whatever that he ever done in the past. This dorama is not only about love, but also about friendship. I love this dorama so much. Besides it is the first dorama for me, but the story was making me sooooo interested that i couldn't stop to watch it.

The second dorama which i'm currently watching these days is Rookies. It also a very great dorama. Even i'm not finished yet, but so far i love the story so much. It is about some guys who started to be deliquents since an incident in baseball match. But then Kawato sensei comes and tries to change those deliquents become better people and keep dreaming and trying to reach their dreams. The efforts of Kawato sensei are so amazing. And those guys, too. I also love the baseball game scenes. Since i like softball baseball, it has been a great movie for me. I plan to tell my juniors who are now the members of my previous high school's softball baseball team about this dorama. I hope i will do my plan soon. HEHE.

I can't wait to finish watching Rookies. And also i can't wait for the other doramas, too! :)


tamilcinema said...
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Ramadhona Saville said...

eh nonton tokyo tower,bagus bagus
ama my boss my hero(tontonan gw ama bang cok pas 1nensei,hahahaha...natsukasiii naa)

edhika said...

rama: okeyy..soon after rookies..hehe^^