Yugawara I'm Coming..

No more exam and it means the long summer holiday is getting started. This year, i have an opportunity to go for homestay in Yugawara. It only takes a week actually, but i hope it's gonna be a good experience for me. Living in stranger's house (or maybe they let a stranger to live in their house). I hope my host family is a nice family. I am so nervouse if you know.
So, today i will go to Yugawara, together with Joyce, Paloma, and Lucia. I wish we won't take a wrong train so we could arrive at the meeting point on time.
See you everyone!


Second Day of Final Exam Weeks

Hi everyone! I just finished with marketing exam today. feel a bit relief because one more exam has passed. Well now i don't really care about how the score will be (uups. i care but not so much!). Since i'm not good enough in japanese language, so this semester i only take two main courses (marketing and financial statement), english course, and japanese course. Why? Because all the main courses are conducted in japanese. So i think it's gonna be hard if i take many courses.
Now, i still have kanji test, writing essay test, and interview for japanese course; financial statement exam, and english exam.
I hope i can make them all well. Wish me luck guys :)


Indonesian Day 2009 at Odaiba

Yesterday, Indonesian students from Nodai, including me, went to Odaiba. We were going to perform Saman Dance in Indonesian Day which was held by TEIC Odaiba. It was the first time for me going to Odaiba. Do you know the history of Odaiba? It is a man made island made by trash. Well i don't know exactly how did the people made this island with trash. But, it is an interesting fact, isn't it? The other fun fact that i had yesterday was, from one station (i forget the name of it) to Tokyo-Teleport Station, we took Rinkai Line (train) which passed through the rail under the sea. Eventhough i couldn't see the sea, but i was so interested about it.
Anyway, i was so happy yesterday. First, because everyone was enjoying our performance so much. They said that it was cool. And another reason was, finally i ate chicken satay a.k.a sate ayam and fried rice a.k.a nasi goreng.

Then, after the event finished, we went around Odaiba. First, we went to the bay area. We saw the beautiful view of Rainbow bridge, Tokyo Tower, and the sunset. After that we went to see a giant gundam. It wa so big. But, since i'm not a big fan of gundam, i didn't really interested about it.

After that we went to Odaiba Aquacity. It's a kind of mall. We found a yukata (similiar to Kimono, but mostly being wore on summer) store on a big sale. I bought an obi for my yukata. Can't wait to wear it next week :). There also an replication of Liberty. Finally, we went home after a very long tiring but happy day.


With My New Pants :)

It seems like a skirt but it's a pants! Trust me! :)


Shopping at Shimokitazawa

Last Saturday, me and my friend went to an elementary school to be guest speakers in english club. Then me and my friend also did Cendrawasih dance and taught those elementary school students a basic pose of Bali dance. It was very interesting. I like Kumi-chan. She's so cute. She couldn't stop talking. But sometimes i couldn't understand because she spoke so fast.
On the way home, we dropped by at Shimokitazawa, and found out that there's sale! Finally i bought a pair of purple heels. Hehe.

Uhh yeaahh..
Today i went to Shimokiazawa again! Together with my senpai, Mba Rani, we went there at wednesday afternoon. What a perfect day! Hehehe..
Even now i'm in a condition of run out of money, but i can't hold my desire to buy a unique pants that i found at one store in Shimokitazawa. At the first time, i decided to leave the store without buying that pants. But after going around Shimokitazawa, finally i went back to that store and bought that pants. Hehe. Relief cuz finally i got that pants, but then a bit worried of how life would be some weeks later. Well, i hope i'm gonna be okay. Hehe.


Japanese Dorama

These lately days i've been so crazy about dorama. Spending my leasure time in front of my senpai's notebook, watching those doramas has been my favorite thing to do nowadays.
The first dorama that i watched along my living in Tokyo is Propose Daisakusen. This dorama is about a guy named Ken who feels so regret seeing his beloved one get married with other man. Then there is a fairy who gives him chances to turn back time and change whatever that he ever done in the past. This dorama is not only about love, but also about friendship. I love this dorama so much. Besides it is the first dorama for me, but the story was making me sooooo interested that i couldn't stop to watch it.

The second dorama which i'm currently watching these days is Rookies. It also a very great dorama. Even i'm not finished yet, but so far i love the story so much. It is about some guys who started to be deliquents since an incident in baseball match. But then Kawato sensei comes and tries to change those deliquents become better people and keep dreaming and trying to reach their dreams. The efforts of Kawato sensei are so amazing. And those guys, too. I also love the baseball game scenes. Since i like softball baseball, it has been a great movie for me. I plan to tell my juniors who are now the members of my previous high school's softball baseball team about this dorama. I hope i will do my plan soon. HEHE.

I can't wait to finish watching Rookies. And also i can't wait for the other doramas, too! :)


First Presidential Election In Life

Today, Indonesia is having one of the most important events in this country's history. Today, the citizens of Indonesia have to elect a new president and a new vice president for the period of 2009-2014. There are three couples of the candidates. The first couple consists of Megawati and Prabowo. The second couple consists of Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono and Boediono. And the third couple consists of Jusuf Kalla and Wiranto. Those couples already done with the campaigns these lately months. Even i didn't really see how were the campaigns, how was the debate of the candidates, but i still have to choose the new president. Because, the leader (president) could be one of the most important elements for a country to develop well.
Today, even i had class and i couldn't make any effort to go to Meguro, where the election was being held in Tokyo, i still tried to contribute in it. I sent the election letter through mail.
Well, i wish whoever is being elected, could be a great leader for my country.

eww..anyway..when i looked back at my photos, i think i'm getting fatter now. :(


Edo-Tokyo Museum

Last Sunday i went to Edo-Tokyo Museum with my english class' friends, Denny sensei, and Loida sensei. For those Japanese in my class, Edo-Tokyo Museum was boring. But for me, it was interesting. Because i could learn a lot about the history of Tokyo from the explanation of the tour guide. So, the begining of Tokyo was on Edo Era. The leader of Edo had a very strict regulation about the classification of the people who lived in Edo area. In the highest class were the samurai, in the second class were farmers, in the third class were ordinary people (citizens), and the lowest class were merchants.
After the Edo Era, then it changed to the mix era. When the foreigner started
to come to that area. And finally Japanese emperial moved from Kyoto to Tokyo (which means the east side of Kyoto).
And there are still many interesting stories there, so maybe when you're going around Tokyo, you can stop by there.
From Shinjuku Station, take JR Sobu line. Then get off at Ryogoku Station. It's about 3-7 minutes walk from the station to Edo-Tokyo Museum.

old ginza




Transformerr in Love

Yepp. I just watched Transformers Revenge Of The Fallen yesterday at Roppongi Hills. Actually it was my first time going to the cinema in Japan. Hehe. I didn't feel regret at all for paying 1000 JPY to watch Transformer. It's so cool. Even cooler than the first movie of Transformers .
I love Megan Fox and Shia LaBeouf. They're cute. Hehe.. And i adore those armies.


I'm Feeling Blue


Huhh.. :(


Final Exam is coming soon!

Yepp..it's already July, and it means that i only have 2 more weeks left to prepare for final exam. But i'm so lazy now, i'm not in the mood to study at all. fiuuhhh.. :(

Anyway, on Monday, June 29th, i went to the nearest elementary school with some friends. There, we have to tell brief introductions about our countries in Japanese. Damn! I even worse than those elementary students. I was a bit ashamed at that time, because each time there's someone asked to me, then i needed to say "mo ikkai onegaishimasu, yukkuri ne"..haha..
But i was so happy..

these are some photos i took at the elementary schools